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Topic: Hummer Trosser(was Photo of Giant Trosser) (5 msgs / 99 lines)
1) From: Alchemist John
Well, I did something I don't often do - went with an "impulse" 
buy.  Not quite like some people.  I actually looked, listened, and 
say a few basic comments before I jumped in.  And I am glad I did.
This thing is a tank, or maybe a Hummer.  True military (maybe old 
school or German).  You don't get it from looking, but this thing is 
big and heavy.  23 lbs.  And all cast iron and camo green.  OK, the review.
First off, it is MUCH faster than the DG169 Zass.  Well over twice as 
fast for less work at a given setting and at a slower grinding 
speed.  They do send a counter clamp, but I found I don't need 
it.  But you have to hold it off to the side on the top - the top has 
a nut that unscrews if you hold it there.  It does about 1 g/sec at 
drip fineness.  I have not played with espresso yet, but the grind 
looks very fine.
Adjustment.  It does adjust with a bottom nut, but it is so large, 
there is no problem just reaching in a turning it.  And the 
adjustment is finer than my zass.  Where a 1/4 makes a massive 
difference on my Zass, 1/2 turn made less of difference on the 
Hummer.  As for drift, I marked the nut and after (count it :-) 2 
grinding, there was zero drift.
The burrs do appear to be cut and sharpened, not cast and are about 
50% larger than the zass.  Oh, and the first thing I checked out was 
the option of replacing the cast iron base (heavy).  It might be 
possible, but not REALLY easy.  The shaft that the burrs ride on have 
a lower centering guide attached to the lower frame base.  That to is 
nice.  It means at least on mine that I have perfect centering and no 
chance to wobble.
The ONLY downside I see is a slightly machine oil smell and the 90 
degree gearing is a little noisy.  No oil contamination to the coffee 
that I can tell.
If I was ever getting close to upgrading to a motorized grinder, this 
nipped it nicely for the time being.  I am happy with it, but my Zass 
is kind of looking at me and "that hormone doped *thing*" in not 
exactly a nice way...I might have to use her for something.
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John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

2) From: Dan Bollinger
Al,  Mine hasn't arrived yet, probably monday.  Good to hear we did good!  The 
oil smell may be residual rust preventative.  Wipe the machine down inside and 
out with mineral spirits (paint thinner).  Why replace the base?  Just screw it 
down to the counter.  During a tornado, you could hide under it!  Dan

3) From: Les
Dan, we don't have tornados in Oregon.  Dan, Penny would tar and
feather Alchemist is he screwed it down to their new kitchen counter!
On 6/10/06, Dan Bollinger  wrote:

4) From: Dan Bollinger
But only once, right?   :)   May be worth it.

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks for the review, John. Good to hear all the positive things. I
ordered mine last Sunday and it hasn't yet arrived, but it looks like
it is shipped out of Nevada (at least, that's where Deutsche Optik is
located), so South Carolina is a lot farther for the Jumbo Grinder to
On 6/10/06, Alchemist John  wrote:

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