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Topic: OT: message for Ginny (5 msgs / 153 lines)
1) From: Jim Mitchell
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Ginny -
I thought you'd be amused to know that we are now the proud posessors =
('owners' is way to strong a word, and 'victims' doesn't quite capture =
the self-inflicted nature of this particular obsession) of a 1967 BSA =
441 (B44) 'Shooting Star' - which is the low-pipe, touring version of =
the 441 Victor Special.
The bike is complete, very original, unrestored, and with 6800 miles on =
a working(!) odometer, starts up and runs well on the 3rd kick.
It does have the usual hacks and patches needed to keep a 40 year old =
British bike running - the hi/lo headlight switch in the left handgrip =
died and is now a toggle on the handle bar - and at some point the =
Compression Release must have croaked, because there's a bolt in the =
head where it should be and the cable and lever have been removed.
This is a Serious Issue, as rolling this thumper up through TDC is much =
easier with a compression release than bumping it through with the =
kickstart. Katherine made some valiant, but unsuccessful attempts, and I =
was able to fire it up - but my replacement knee is distinctly unhappy =
this morning. Do you know of any places to get parts for this monster?

2) From: raymanowen
Is HRH Lucas, King of Darkness calling in the distance? That was actually
the least of my problems with the XKE.
The machine screw in place of the cr valve scares me- Please remove it and
measure the thread depth in the Head, compared to the thread length of the
screw. Indeed, can you remove it, or did the Hammer Mechanics that installed
it forget to Anti-Seize the threads?
If it's even one thread too long, the sharp male thread would extend into
the combustion chamber, glow and cause pre-ignition detonation under load. A
little longer, and it could hit the piston when you buzz the engine.
(4,500rpm +?)
Even if it's absolutely flush with the roof of the combustion chamber, it
will slightly decrease the CC volume and risk detonation again on the
Scheisse gas available. A short screw will expose female threads in the
aluminum cylinder head boss. Glow/ Detonate/ Melt piston crown.
Even though the detonation "snap" occurs at a different time than the
exhaust pulse, you still probably couldn't hear it.
That screw is a blow up set up, and I'd lose it ASAP and find a proper valve
for the head. Denver Used Motorcycle Parts [DUMP] had lots of just that sort
of thing 8 years ago. Now I can't find them.
You might search Hemmings Motor News in the library or a decent bookstore.
The Nobleman's Barn or Tattered Cover always have it in Denver, and they're
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Ersatz Grinders not for Real Coffee!

3) From: M. McCandless
I used to get Norton parts from:http://www.britishbikeconnection.com/McSparky
Quoting Jim Mitchell :

4) From: Jim Mitchell
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Ray -
It may well be that the Victor didn't come with an actual CR valve as =
standard equipment - but instead used a cable to operate a lifing finger =
on the exhaust valve, which was pretty standard British Single practice. =
It does make starting easier, but not as useful as a true CR valve.
I remember a CR on a Victor Special that belonged to Jeff Westmoreland, =
mostly cause it made the most terrific BLAT!, BLAT!, BLAT, from its =
megaphone exhaust when he opened it up....
I'm going to pull the tank tonight, after the Kroy Oil has had a chance =
to pentetrate some of the cruft on the tank bolt, which will expose the =
whole head, and I can fuss around to my heart's content.

5) From: raymanowen
Exactly, Jim- I'm full of it. CR valves are the stuff of 2-strokes. Dad and
my older brother rebuilt a much older - Beezer? [Birmingham Small Arms]-
that wouldn't start. Come to think of it, due to a burned exhaust valve.
Loong time ago, but I think there was a stuck ?wedge? above a tappet. Dad
had a machinist friend make a new part in the shop at Cat, and got it
starting easily and running great, after a cavalcade of "Limey" expletives.
My 4.2 was over the line with fixes- Jaguar should have stopped at 3.8L for
the XK engine. But it was ungodly fast.
Cheers -RayO,aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita WurliTzer- 1976

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