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Topic: I think we're on our way to a better cup of coffee . . . (8 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: Rose Lee Geiger
Now that I've found this list, I'm really having difficulty coming up with
NON-coffee thoughts.  Here are a few items that I keep thinking about, and
welcome any advice available.
1. I took Maria's advice, boiled a pan full of water, ground Maria and Tom's
"Unganda Organic Bugisu" to a very fine consistency in our little Braun
Blade Coffee Grinder, put the coffee in the filter of our little 4-cup Mr.
Coffee pot, then poured the boiling water over the ground coffee, and let it
drip through . . . IT WORKED!  And, It's obviously TRUE . . . Near boiling
water temperature is vital!   The coffee was at least 50% better!  (I'm
definitely working my way up to a Technivorm!)
2. I keep trying to taste all of those wonderful tastes that so many of you
folks talk about when drinking your coffee . . . just how long does it take
to develop those super, discriminating coffee taste buds.  I Have a feeling
it's not gonna happen, but that's okay . . . both of us know when we like a
cup of coffee and when we don't.  I guess that's a beginning!  (HA! We went
through the same thing with WINE tasting . . . those tastebuds aren't
working too well either!)
3. I should probably send this item to Demian Ebert, since he was the one
who introduced us to GMail . . . I am having trouble figuring out the best
way to post to the list.  Should I "Compose" a new mail, like I'm doing
now?  Or should I "Reply" and send that huge, long list of notes that seem
to be there along with the reply?  I hate being nuisance poster!
Thanks Mike for reassuring us that it's not REALLY a sin to drink a cup of
McDonald's Coffee . . . and while I don't wish "old age" on ANYONE, their
Senior cup of coffee is really a pretty good deal . . . price wise!
Rose and John Geiger
Mesa, Az

2) From: Sandy Andina
I find that the most consistently delicious brew of SM's beans comes  
from the Aeropress, followed by my Technivorm and pourover Melitta  
(full pot, not cup-topper).
On Jun 12, 2006, at 2:34 PM, Rose Lee Geiger wrote:

3) From: Rose Lee Geiger
Thanks Sandy!  That definitely seems to be the direction we're leaning
Rose and John
On 6/12/06, Sandy Andina  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
Hi Roselee,
Do yourself a favor and spend $35 for a Scandinavian Presto brewer as an
interim step.  The water temp is so much better, you'll appreciate the jump
up...  If you can go for the TV earlier, then disregard this step...
Alternately, get a French Press for slightly lower amount, and then use it
to press a pot while you're awaiting the Technivorm.
I suppose my overall point is that better temp brewing is closer than $200
On 6/12/06, Rose Lee Geiger  wrote:
Brett Mason

5) From: Woody DeCasere
To me really the easiest thing to do is buy a french press or 2, buy an
electric tea kettle to boil the water, it's simple boil the right amount of
water, grind coffee add coffee and water to the press, wait 3-4 minutes
depress plunger and drink, to me it is better than any autodrip can make.
 On 6/12/06, Brett Mason  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

6) From: Brian Kamnetz
I can try to answer your question about how to post to the list.
If you are starting a new thread, rather than responding to something
someone else has written, post as you did just now.
If you are responding to something that someone else posted, hit
"Reply". As soon as you do, the entire contents of the email you are
resonding to will appear in a new email. Leave the pertinent part, and
simply "select" and delete the rest. I've illustrated below by
deleting all but the intro to your questions. (Wish I always remebered
to do this myself, instead of remembering only when I see my post...
On 6/12/06, Rose Lee Geiger  wrote:

7) From: Rose Lee Geiger
GOTCHA!  I belong to a Bichon Frise list, and have always tried to do the
same thing . . . but I haven't been using Gmail format . . . I think I'm on
to it now . . . Google really seems to have it all together!  Thanks a
bundle Brian!  Rose
On 6/12/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

8) From: James House
I agree with Woddy here.  I have a Chemex, FP, AeroPress, SwissGold
Pourover, and KMB at home (as well as an Isomac Relax espresso machine and
Mazzer Mini grinder).  I will say that my FP (I have two Bodums, a small 2
cupper and an 8 cupper) produces my most favorite cups across the board and
is my baseline.
Honestly it all really depends on so many variables, and that is half the
fun of this.  Your grind, brew temperature, and brewing device are all
variables with any particular bean and it's roast level.  You can start to
find your own sweet spot on any particular bean by holding any two variables
constant at any given time and change the third.
By slowly doing this over time I am finding out which of my roasts I like in
each brew device, and what temp/grind to apply to it.
Occassionally I find a bean that just works out great almost no matter what
you do with it.  I have enjoyed Harar in a thick KMB pot as well as a clean
AP, and a wonderful, rich FP.
Experiment and enjoy!  Sounds like you are on your way there already!
On 6/12/06, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

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