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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
I didn't roast it, Greg did using his Computer Controlled HotTop and a
double roast profile. (ala Jeffrey designed and built) I don't know the
specifics of the profile used and they wouldn't directly translate to any
air roaster anyway, only a HotTop or similar drum roaster.
That said I know what profile I'd (first) use to attempt similar results.
And my profiles only directly correlate to another Rosto roaster using
similar very very slow bean movement like I do! I believe my profiles have
also been used with P1's quite duplicatably too. My understanding and
experience with double roasting is it's primarily a method to tame and
smooth a roast. I've played with the technique but personally don't use any
double roast profile on a regular basis but rather find excellent results
controlling the profile(s) in a single roast. I use a medium slow profile,
maybe finishing a tad lighter than Greg, just tickling barest start of 2nd
rather than 10 to 15 sec or so into 2nd. Specific profile I'd use follows
(for reference with temp probe in slowly moving bean mass my start of 1st
usually around 410f, my start of 2nd 255f)
Fast initial to 150f, usually approaching 150f about 20sec mark with voltage
120 or so where I then dropped the heater to 100v or so depending on
This brings 200f about 1min target mark, continuing drying stage even rate
to 300f at 4min mark target, usually with heater voltage up to 116v or so my
now. From 300f to 400f I'd go a straight line 20f/min 400f @ 9min. By 400f
heater voltage sometimes maxed at my 130v max possible to maintain ramp (In
hind sight should have used a 20% boost rather than 10% boost variac on the
heater control side of Frankie for even better heater umph), though this
somewhat slower profile not necessarily. (NOTE: from beginning up to start
of 1st point fan voltage usually kept maxed 140+v entire time, of course
this is with a 1/2# batch in a roaster designed for 1/4# batches;-) Next I'd
go from 400 to 415f in a minute 10 min total time so far, now slowing ramp
further to 10f/min 415f to 450f or so @14 min just before 2nd. I'd likely
hold temp at 450f for about 30sec additional finish, depending on how the
roast smelled. If resulting roast not tamed enough next batch I'd add
another 30sec 400f to 450f, probably by simply hitting 410f @ 10min instead
of 415f @ 10min. If further taming requred continue slightly slowing 410 to
450f segment.
Or another method I might use is just dump the Horse in my coffee dedicated
14 gauge carbon steel wok and shoot for an 18 to 20min open wok roast simply
varying the flame to keep the beans from scorching while continually
stirring with wooden paddles! (I get best results starting with cold not
preheated wok, initially high heat then dropping flame...)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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2) From: B. Scott Harroff
I have a PID controlled HotTop (FrankenTop) and could easily duplicate the
CCR HotTop profile.http://home.att.net/~Scott.Harroff/FrankenTop.JPGCould you suggest an equivalent profile (target bean mass temp at a per
minute interval) for a HotTop drum?  An example profile is below.
Time (minute)  Temp 
1               179
2               204
3               229
4               254
5               279
6               304
7               329
8               349
9               369
10              384
11              399
12              409
13              419
14              425
15              431
16              437

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
What are your (typical) start of 1st and start of 2nd temps? 

4) From: B. Scott Harroff
The bean mass temp profile is in my original message (below).
Start of first is around 11 minutes, start of second is 16.
Thanks for your assist!!

5) From: miKe mcKoffee
First, not even being a HotTop owner, I feel very unqualified to be
suggesting HotTop profiles! But based on my limited experience and knowledge
of HotTop roasting and other roasting methods it appears to be good
"general" profile, possibly a somewhat "quick" profile for a HotTop. If
going for a "taming" roast two things I'd might try, singly and or jointly.
One is holding at the final temp. This technique I first starting using
after watching Stumptown do this on their Probats. I seldom hold finish temp
for more than 30sec though have up a minute, this is with the Rosto. (My
best guesstimation is my Rosto roasting needs to be about 25 to 30% faster
than an equivalent drum roast for similar results do difference in bean heat
transfer.) The other for a HotTop taming profile is slowing the 11min/399f
to 16min/437f stage another minute or so, maybe even 8 or 9 minute total
last stage time. Play with it!

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