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Topic: From a.c Permanent fan filter on sale for Hottop Roaster (5 msgs / 89 lines)
1) From: Rich Adams
From Randy G. on a.c:
The filter is on sale for $1.99 each at:http://www.nexfan.com/12almefanfi.htmlSpend $24.99 or more and use the code:  freeshipping and the order
ships free and you get a free, chrome-plastic 80mm ball bearing fan
free. Code good through 6/19/06. Otherwise shipping is a flat $6.99.
Even with that, 4 would cost $3.74 each.
Rich Adams

2) From: Rich Adams

3) From: Barry Luterman
Thanks Rich I have been looking for these for a while now. Am almost out of 
my disposables.

4) From: Terry Stockdale
I tried them but quickly went back to the standard filter.  It seemed 
that the loose weave of the filter (and I was stacking 2 together) 
let through way too much air -- affecting the Hottop's temperature.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
My Coffee Pages:http://www.terrystockdale.com/hottopMy RK Drum pages: http://www.terrystockdale.com/rkdrumAt 03:41 PM 6/16/2006, you wrote:">http://www.terrystockdale.com/coffeeMy Hottop pages:http://www.terrystockdale.com/hottopMy RK Drum pages: http://www.terrystockdale.com/rkdrumAt 03:41 PM 6/16/2006, you wrote:

5) From: javafool
I did the same thing for the same reason on my old Hottop. My new Hottop =
so much hotter than the one I was used to that it seems to go from the =
of first directly into second, without any interval in between.
On my next roast I think I will put in the double Nexfan filter and see =
it extends that gap a little. I appreciate you mentioning the difference =
Nexfans make.

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