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Topic: WCSA - was Unique Gems on the SM List (11 msgs / 265 lines)
1) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 6/17/06, Rose Lee Geiger  wrote:
Given my level of expertise, this sounds like the organization for me!

2) From: Rose Lee Geiger
Hi Brian!
According to Mike, all we gotta do is keep on TRAVELING!  I'm beginning to
get the picture . . . it's not the END that matters, but the JOURNEY
itself!  I'm certainly caught up in it all, at the moment!!  I don't know
about you, but I have a long way to go before I can admit to all 13 of those
CSA Steps!  I haven't even HAD a cup of home roasted coffee yet . . . but
maybe it won't be long.
On 6/17/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

3) From: Peter Zulkowski
It is not that I do NOT want to be a CSA member, but I do not think I am 
qualified either.
WCSA membership is a wonderful solution until I develop a better handle 
on roasting and tasting.
What a great idea!
Sign me up!
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

4) From: javafool
Do you think you are too good to drink restaurant coffee any more? 
Do you think the only place you can get a good cup of coffee is at home?
If the answers are YES, then you are well on the way PeterZ (you snob).
Terry, been a coffee snob way before there was an unofficial CSA.

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 6/18/06, javafool  wrote:
Alas, I can never be a true CSA member.
  I will drink restaurant coffee. (But I do know mine is much better.)
  I drink office swill when I am not at my office.
  I use a whirly-blade grinder.
  I add cream and sugar most of the time.
  Some nights, I grind in advance and set the drip pot on "auto".
I am not a CSA candidate... more like an addict!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

6) From: Les
I don't drink coffee.  I drink homeroast!  It is a whole different beverage.
On 6/20/06, Justin Marquez  wrote:

7) From: Woody DeCasere
Justin, using cream and sugar and a whirly blade grinder doesn't disqaulify
you for anything, anyone who says so is a elitest. I usually use cream and
sugar (raw) in my coffee i find it enhances the flavors, and cuts the acid
which kills my stomach, i always drink a few sips black, some i like that
way and drink the whole cup black, but not very many.
Now drinking resturant or office hot stale coffee flavored water, well,
thats you poison, not mine. YECCHHH! I just cant bring myself to do it.
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

8) From: Thomas Pfau
Justin Marquez wrote:
I don't understand this.  Why is it that suddenly the stuff I've been 
drinking for many years should become "swill" and undrinkable just 
because I've found a way to make better coffee?  Of course, I'd prefer 
to drink my coffee that I roasted and then brewed using exacting methods 
but if the stuff I was drinking before was that bad, how did I tolerate 
it then?  And if I couldn't tell it was bad before, why is it only bad 
now that I have something better to compare it to?  Should I swear off 
hamburger after my first steak?  Or never eat potato chips again after 
tasting caviar?
Maybe it's just my field service roots showing.  I used to have to eat 
on the run a lot which often turned out to mean McD's or equivalent or 
sometimes even vending machines.  I'm not real demanding when it comes 
to food.  I definitely have my preferences but I don't complain if I 
can't get them.
I guess I don't have it in me to be a coffee snob.
pfau --http://nbpfaus.net/~pfau/

9) From: javafool
It is all personal choice and I do not want to choose for anyone but me.
BUT, for me, after having the best and learning how coffee could (should)
taste, the stale, bitter, burned flavors were no longer appealing. If all I
need is caffeine, Pepsi or caffeine tablets will serve me better now than
lousy coffee. When I backslide and try to drink the office coffee I have
terrible heartburn after about 1/2 cup.
Not everyone is meant to be a coffee snob but that doesn't make either
person better or worse for what they enjoy and what they don't.

10) From: Woody DeCasere
i dont think the steak vs hamburger  analogie applies, rather think a Grade
a Angus Steak vs a grisly piece of nasty steak. Sure at one time you may
have thought the grisly steak wass good becasue it was all you had, but now
knowing how good a grade a steak can be would you ever go back to the nasty
steak and like it? You may have to tolerate it from time top time due to
nessicity, but that doesnt men you seek it out.
I take my homeroast everywhere i go, friend's family and complete strangers
sometimes get to share it. If i run out i will occasionally have to drink *$
which is tolerable at times.
On 6/20/06, javafool  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

11) From: Peter Zulkowski
Seems like a number of us on the list have been in Field Service, and 
suffered the menu you just described.
As for me, my stomach will only allow me to drink a certain amount of 
coffee per day, and I want to be sure it is good.
When I was younger my favorite place to buy coffee was Dunkin Donuts.
Great, rich coffee.
*$ came along and pushed it aside, but I still liked DD when I was out 
and about and there was no *$.
Yesterday I was in a grocery store with my wife, and there was a DD shop 
set up in the corner as you walked in.
Could not help remembering how good it was in the past, and how you USED 
TO be able to sit at a /counter/, get a free refill and a donut for 
thirty five cents!
I walked away twice, but went back because they had one last Boston 
Creme donut (my favorite), and paid $3.10 plus tax (about 3.74 total) 
for the special deal of two donuts and a medium coffee.
Now they replace the coffee every 45 minutes whether it needs it or not.
Remember when they used to dump it after five minutes?
The other reason I decided to buy was that she was just brewing a fresh pot.
Has to be good I thought.
Got my donuts, and waited for the coffee.
Mentioned to the young girl about the thirty five cent deal of the past, 
and told her to remember when today's deal was ONLY 3.10,
sometime in the future,
when she is 63,
and the cost then will be $3500.. 
he he he....
Was the DD coffee as good as I remembered?
My two week old Horse puts it to shame.
To me they are now starting to try compete with *$.
Burnt after taste.
Even with a shot of Hazelnut, and cream, and sugar.
To answer your question:
Now that I have tasted real coffee, the other stuff I used to like pales 
in comparison.
Yes, I finished the cup, it was warm, and the weather was cold and rainy.
Will I buy another..
Maybe next year..
when I get to reminiscing about the good old days..
and when I need another reminder about how good my homeroast really is..
and when I want another Boston Creme donut. :)   (One a year..)
Happily roasting again, in Gloucester, MA.
Thomas Pfau wrote:

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