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1) From: Peter Zulkowski
So maybe my taster is bad, but the # 30 still tasted good this morning.
Perhaps I should make an aeropress this afternoon and see how I like that.
What can I say, it is very good coffee.
Has anyone besides me and C ground homeroast and brewed it daily for two 
Perhaps no one else would like it, but to us it is dandy.
Nope, no refrigeration, no vacuum seal, just an air tight canister.
Will roast again in Gloucester, MA

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
It still tastes good to you, that's what matters. I'd suspect the Horse30
being a bold charactered coffee might hold taste longer. Also I ponder and
must ask, and not to be taken in any negative or judging way, was there a
period in your life you routinely consumed canned coffee? If so your taste
buds are likely memory trained to accept a more stale coffee (up to a
I ask because I never did, not starting drinking coffee until after tasting
fresh ground for that pot Artisan small shop roasted coffee at age 25 back
in '84. That was the first time smelling something so wonderful and enticing
and uncoffee like compared to all coffee I'd previously tried and
experienced, lured by the brewing smell to have a cup after previously
saying no thank-you. That was in 1984 and I've been chasing fresh roast
whole bean ever since and have never been able to choke down a cup from
canned coffee, and with extrememly rare exception have never been able to
drink restaurant coffee. On the other hand Debi grew up in house that left a
pot on the stove all day and could drink anything. She'd get a cup of coffee
at a restaurant and usually just the smell was enough for me to know not to
get a cup, sometimes I'd take a sip to confirm. Once in a blue moon
encountering a cup "out there" I could tolerate. Probably why shortly after
starting drinking coffee and getting a brewer with convenience timer I
noticed the difference between grinding the night before and grinding just
before brewing, detecting a staling taste when grinding the night before so
quit doing it.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: Justin Marquez
On 6/20/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
I have every confidence that two-weeks' ground homeroast is still much
better than canned coffee.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

4) From: Scott Miller
Justin Marquez wrote:
Oh, no doubt there. I had a cup of "found" coffee this morning... PNG 
Arokara roasted 3 weeks ago, but ground this morning. While it certainly 
is not the same quality it was 2 weeks ago, it puts to shame ANY store 
purchased coffee I can buy in this small town.

5) From: James House
I hear that.  I just started drinking the PNG
Arokara and it's so good I would have no problem drinking it for 2 or 3
On 6/20/06, Scott Miller  wrote:

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