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Topic: Drum (Gas Grill) Roasting Questions (7 msgs / 216 lines)
1) From: DeCambre.Peter
I will be out of the office starting  11/26/2002 and will not return
until 12/02/2002.
I will respond to your message when I return.
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2) From: James House
Ok so I notice several of you are drum roasting.  I am a SC/TO roaster
myself and am decent (most of the time anyway) although I am sure I have
ALOT more improvement as I have only been roasting for a few months.
   1. Did any of you "upgrade" from a SC/TO to a drum?  If so how are you
   finding the roast comparisons?
   2. This might seem like a silly question but forgive me....do any of
   you actually use your gas grill to cook on between roasts?  Seems like once
   you have dedicated it to coffee you wouldnt want to cook on it due to flavor
   contamination or something like that?  And if that is in fact the case, does
   the drum roasting really provide that much better taste over poppers
   (popcorn and stove) as well as SC/TO setups to justify that much space (an
   entire grill that can't be used for .... grilling!).
   3. Is the RK Drum the best solution or are their "competitor" drums?
   If so, should you buy the motor from him as well....which one?
   4. If one were to buy a grill, is there a particular BTU or other
   thing he should consider?  If it had a built in rotisserie motor and so on,
   would that be a bad or good thing or would you want to get the one from RK?
   5. Are there any good websites dedicated to this roasting process you
   could share?  Including machine setup, configuration, etc.  I know when I
   was researching SC/TO I bookmarked several sites and did alot of research
   before diving in.
I have been considering a drum roaster for awhile and now that I am getting
more and more comfortable with the roast procedure...you know how it goes.
Anyway, I would love any insights you could provide.
Thanks everyone!

3) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- James House  wrote:
  Sorry, can't help you there. I went from frying pan
roasting for 20 years to a RK style drum 8 years ago, to an
actual RK drum and gas grill 2 years ago.
  I have a removable steel plate above the burners that
keeps the gas flame from touching the drum. When I cook a
few burgers or whatever that plate catches any drippings.
It's easy enough to clean before roasting coffee again.
  Depends on how well you can roast with your popper or
SC/TO, and the batch size you want to be roasting.
 Go with the RK, it's bullet proof, and well proven. I have
roasted several tons of coffee in mine already, and I'm
just one of many many happy customers. Ron's service
couldn't be better.
  Ron's motor setup is good, tried and true, and quick to
install. You might save some money configuring and
fabricating your own if you're good at that sort of thing,
but you would of course spend a lot more of your time. I
like my 50K BTU grill because I roast full sized batches
every day, sometimes in very cold weather. A cheaper grill
would have enough BTU's for roasting year round in a more
mild wintered climate, or for smaller (1-2 lb.) batches
even here (interior of British Colombia). Standard
rotisserie units for grilling turn very slowly. Some folks
are happy enough with them, but I couldn't get nearly good
enough roasts with one. Ron's 57 RPM motor works great for
me. You can shop around for other motors, but Ron's gear
for connecting the motor to the grill is hard to beat, IMO.
 There are some grill modifications, like adding a better
thermometer, and bearings for the rotisserie shaft so it
doesn't rub on the grill body or other metal contact points
that you can ask Ron about, and/or ask other grill roasters
advice on further mods, roasting profiles etc. After a
while you can be giving such advice to newbie grill
roasters, and maybe come up with even better ways and means
of grill roasting to share with the rest of us.
  Pa' nada.
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4) From: Michael Dhabolt
Ron of RK drums has been a long time poster on this list.  And many
list members have posted testimonials on his sitehttp://rkdrums.com/.  There is a section on his site regarding profiles, and other
minutae and directions concerning drum roasting with his equipment.  I
am unaware of any competition of consequence to his product.  I am
under the impression that he is in the process of modifying his drums
to allow using the considerably slower rotation of the common
rotisserie motors.  IMHO there is a substantial difference in the cup
- drum vs air roast.
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Gene Merritt
There is also this fellow (Ron) who also sells his drums
On Ebay:http://www.coffeeroastersclub.com/Gene
On 6/22/06 2:19 PM, "Michael Dhabolt"  wrote:

6) From: Terry Stockdale
At 10:07 AM 6/22/2006, you wrote:
I didn't upgrade from a SC/TO, but I did go from a hot air to a 
Hottop to an RK Drum.  Hot air to Hottop was a great improvement in 
taste.  Hottop to RK Drum was very similar in taste, but the RK Drum 
put the fun back in roasting.  It was getting boring with the set and 
forget Hottop.
I use a dedicated 35000 BTU Charbroil.  It was $99 at Lowes when I 
bought it in Sept.  '04.
I like Ron Kyle's.  I don't know anything about the competing 
models.  I would get his motor assembly also, if I was doing it again.
Read more on my RK Drum pages athttp://www.terrystockdale.com/rkdrum<Snip>
You'll get better agitation with a faster motor.  On the other hand, 
Ron has changed the internals for better mixing at rotisserie motor 
speeds.  The other problem with a rotisserie motor is lack of power.
I don't know about "good websites" but you can check out my pages, 
which should be some help.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
My Coffee Pages:http://www.terrystockdale.com/hottopMy RK Drum pages: http://www.terrystockdale.com/rkdrumTerry's Computer Tips:  http://www.terryscomputertips.com">http://www.terrystockdale.com/coffeeMy Hottop pages:http://www.terrystockdale.com/hottopMy RK Drum pages: http://www.terrystockdale.com/rkdrumTerry's Computer Tips:  http://www.terryscomputertips.com

7) From: James House
Excellent.  Thanks all.  I was strolling around in Lowes today looking at
the grills......
On 6/22/06, Terry Stockdale  wrote:

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