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Topic: Re Why are the best flavors at the bottom of the cup? (7 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: Turbosimba
can anyone explain scientifically why the best flavors are at the bottom of  
the cup?  Does it have to do with the temperature? what?   
The first time I roasted green coffee I brewed it right away without  resting 
the beans.  My first sip convinced me that I had made a huge  mistake, buying 
a coffee roaster.  As I began to take further sips, each  one got rapidly 
better.  By the time I got to the bottom of the cup, I knew  I'd never go back to 
store bought roasts.  
My first sip of every cup I brew never tastes like much. Anyone else notice  
this?  Home roasted coffee seems to improve with each sip.  I never  noticed 
this to such a degree with store  bought coffee, or restaurant  coffee....
Any thoughts on this???

2) From: Larry English
It's the temps, I believe.  Good homeroasted coffee tastes good, sometimes
better, as it cools.  If too hot, aroma is OK but taste buds can be dulled
so the full experience of the brew is impacted.  IMHO, of course ...
On 6/23/06, Turbosimba  wrote:

3) From: James House
Right on Larry, I have been slowing noticing this too as I slowly learn more
and more.  Of course over the next few days the coffee gets better, but as
the temp drops I can really taste different things, it's pretty amazing
On 6/23/06, Larry English  wrote:

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
I used to have a microwave in my office, so that I could continually
pop my coffee cup in and heat up the coffee. When I started roasting I
continued reheating my coffee out of habit, but soon learned that I
enjoyed the homeroasted SM coffee better if I just let it cool, rght
up to room temperature. Don't even have the microwave here anymore.
On 6/23/06, James House  wrote:

5) From: Thomas Pfau
Brian Kamnetz wrote:
Before I started home roasting, I couldn't drink cold coffee.  Lately, 
I've left a little bit in my cup and gone away for hours.  When I came 
back, the cup was at room temperature but still very drinkable.
I never liked iced coffee.  I should try it with home roast.  I have a 
feeling I might like it.
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6) From: Brian Kamnetz
That reminds me, I measure enough water for my morning french press to
fill my travel mug. I'm pretty close on the measurement but there are
a couple ounces left, and I pour that, pretty much draining the
grounds, into a coffee cup and leave it on my sink. By the time I get
home at night the grounds have all settled and I drink the couple
swallows of coffee, and every day I'm surprised again at how good it
On 6/23/06, Thomas Pfau  >

7) From: Angelo
I really like most of my food at room temp or a few degrees either 
way. The coffee is no exception. I get tired of people hocking me 
about' " your food is getting cold..."  I tell them, "it's not 
getting cold - it's getting to where I like it. Now, leave me alone!" 
:-) Why do people always want you to do things like they do..? A mystery...

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