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1) From: Larry Schwarz
Over the years I have become disenchanted with *-bucs coffee and there are
no boutique roasters where I live in NJ.
I saw an article in Food and Wine about specialty roasters and I started
ordering roasted beans from the likes of Paradise, Coffee Klatch, Terroir,
Then I found the Sweet Maria's site and I have been following this 'list'
since subscribing on June 5th.  Reading the words and experiences piqued my
interests in home roasting so I took the plunge, bought a roaster and then
beans from Sweet Maria's.
I just roasted my first batch earlier today.  I couldn't bear to let it rest
for more than 6-hours and even so, IT WAS AMONG THE BEST cups I have ever
Although a newbie, I can definitely see where I am heading with this new
Thanks for sucking me in...and special thanks to Tom and Maria for making
this all possible.

2) From: Dan Bollinger

3) From: rnkyle
welcome to the wonderfull world of home roasting and for sure your life will 
never be the same:O)

4) From: Brett Mason
Larry, we are excited for your new passion - it's ours too.  What many find
amazing is that this is the standard method of preparing coffee a hundred
years ago.  Somewhere along the line we traded efficiency for quality.  So I
think of this as my small stance of raging against the machine - and the
rewards are all mine!
Alas, to pursue the perfect cup - Press On!
On 6/24/06, Larry Schwarz  wrote:
Brett Mason

5) From: Angelo
"raging against the machine " ?ha, ha!  Good one, Brett...
How many more machines do you (we) have to "rage" against since we 
started roasting... Roasters, grinders, brewers - and let us not 
forget computer-controlled corn poppers....My apartment looks like 
something from the industrial revolution...Welcome to hell, Larry :-)

6) From: Brett Mason
We only rage against two here....
1. Folders and all canned stale coffee
2. Starbucks
On 6/24/06, Angelo  wrote:
Brett Mason

7) From: Ed Needham
You thank us now.  Wait till things start going sideways.
Ed Needham®
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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8) From: javafool
My first taste of really great coffee was when I bought a couple pounds =
Costa Rican from Tom when he was based in the buckeye state. The aroma =
the flavor absolutely blew me away as soon as I opened, and then brewed =
Although I have been enjoying homeroast almost every day since, for the =
9 or 8 years, I occasionally mindlessly go to take a sip of coffee and =
smacks me up side the head with that WOW, this is really great stuff.

9) From: Woody DeCasere
Welcome to the obsession Larry, glad you could make it!
On 6/24/06, javafool  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

10) From: Aaron
Welcome to the world of home roasting.
It only gets better from here... and umm..  I might add.  more expensive.
the more you learn, the more you learn you can do, and hence, the more 
gadgets and goodies you will want....
then something dies in your brain,  some have called it common sense, 
others have called it.. well i dunno but, next you will get the urge to 
have a stash of green beans in the triple digit range.poundwise and 
start thinking, well, what if i roasted em *this* way with that machine....
it's an obsession but the best part of it is, its one that you can share 
with everyone and they will gladly share in it with you.... oh, and 
thats another thing,  you will suddenly find a bunch of new 'friends' 
who are more than happy to help you lighten your load of fresh beans ...

11) From: Linda Sharpe
Larry, the best is that you will enjoy roasting the more you learn and the
worst is that it becomes difficult to go out for coffee when your own
wonderful roast is waiting for you at home. Welcome and Enjoy!  Linda

12) From: Michael Holland
I am also new to the list having been a SM customer
for the past 2 years via UPS and one in-person visit
that being in CA allows me. A fellow amateur winemaker
firend of mine gifted me her FB-8, which is a
different experience after stovetopping a cast iron
dutch oven and finding out how very sensitive some
smoke detectors really are. More than once.
Before I signed up to the list, I asked myself if I
really needed another interest to obsess and indulge -
as if winemaking and other food crafts weren't
enough......OH YEAH BABY!
My lovely wife is so far partially decaffeinated and
completely terrified. So, warn your loved ones,
Larry...Be afraid. Be very afraid. :)
Mike Holland
Michael Holland
Los Angeles City Archives
VP, Cellarmasters

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