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Topic: Help w/ my KMB, please (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Peter Schmidt
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Fellow KMB brewers,
I need to make a full pot w/ my Krups Moka Brew to give samples to a =
group of potential homeroast 
customers.  99% of my brewing is done w/ a french press, and because the =
press leaves liquid behind while he KMB doesn't, I'm doubtful that I can =
use my FP water/coffee ratio.  I weigh before I grind, in grams.  I plan =
on brewing an assortment of Centrals.  
The help I need from the list is your amount of coffee used for a full =
pot.  If you can give me the amount of coffee for a partial pot, please =
tell me which side of the cup scale you use; large or small cups.
Thanks in advance for being the ever-helpful resource!

2) From: James House
I grind 5 full scoops of roasted beans (2T coffee scoop).  I tamp lightly by
allowing gravity to pull a 1 pound espresso tamper over the basket.  Sorry
but I don't weigh, only scoop.  Also I have never done a partial pot, I read
that it didnt do very well on partial.  I have no problem working through a
full pot though for myself any given morning.
You can read a review on coffeegeek, they also talk about using the brewer.
Hope that helps,
On 6/24/06, Peter Schmidt  wrote:
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3) From: an iconoclast
On 6/24/06, Peter Schmidt  wrote:
I use 60 gms for a full pot of eight 5oz cups.  I fill the carafe with
water about a quarter inch past 8 cups to give us a full 8 cup pot.
If I make less than a full pot, I use 7 gms per 5oz cup, maybe a few
grams more depending on the origin.
I have a Capresso Infinity and grind on the second to lowest fine
setting, basically 6 notches from the finest grind possible.
Good luck

4) From: Vicki Smith
I use ~56 grams for my KMB, with a grind two dots to the left of the 
espresso icon on my Solis Classic. A full pot is 40 ounces. Be sure to 
give the coffee a good stir, to get rid of the difference in brew 
strength between the  beginning and the end.
If you make a 1/2 pot, place a filter on top of the coffee (in addition 
to the one under it, natch). I'm not crazy about 1/2 pots--and usually 
switch to a Moka pot, or French Press for smaller quantities.
Peter Schmidt wrote:

5) From: Thomas Pfau
Peter Schmidt wrote:
I normally fill the pot with water to about 6.5 on the 8 cup scale.  
This gives me three mugs full of coffee.  I use 42gm of coffee for 
this.   If making a full pot, I use about 52 grams.
pfau --http://nbpfaus.net/~pfau/

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