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1) From: Vicki Smith
I have been fooling around with the new batch of Horse Harar, #19. 
Although I was liking the blueberry notes in it when roasted to a City+, 
I wanted more body. After reading folks rave about it at Vienna (which 
is not usually a roast level I like) I decide to do two batches in my 
IR2 and combine them. My oh My. Day 3 was not to my liking, but now at 
day 5, I think I am in love.

2) From: James House
I am in the same boat as you, enjoying the bb but missing out on more body
and roast.  What was the combo?  50/50 C+ and Vienna?  Thanks for sharing!
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3) From: Vicki Smith
Yes, 50/50. This was day 6, btw. I had planned on trying it on day 4, 
but I was sick over the weekend and didn't want to waste good beans on 
my rotten taste buds.
It's taken two weeks, and some minor surgery, but the sinus stuff is 
finally on the mend.
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4) From: Tom Bellhouse
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I have been blending City Horse #19 with a good Brazilian taken to C+ =
for my FrPress.  That way I get all the varietal flavors (and yes, =
blueberry) and still have the smooth body the Brazilian adds.  
Tom in GA

5) From: Vicki Smith
I had similar good luck with a mix of the Harar and a Guat. I believe it 
was 2 parts Horse to the Guat.
I thought long and hard before buying 10 pounds of the Horse, but I felt 
that as someone new to roasting, I could learn the most by having larger 
quantities of a smaller number of beans to play with. I'm not sorry I 
made that decision. I seem to learn something new with every variation I 
Tom Bellhouse wrote:

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