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Topic: Austin coffee was Texas Roundup (was: First Roast Excitement) (8 msgs / 190 lines)
1) From: Brian Kamnetz
A while back there was a brief discussion on the list about where to
go for good espresso in Austin TX. I would appreciate a summary from
anyone who would be kind enough to offer one of what was determined
regarding coffee in Austin (my sister will be spending a couple weeks
Thanks for  the info!
On 2/6/06, Bill Morgan  wrote:

2) From: Paul Sack
The best espresso of my life was at JP's Java (they use Zoka). But it 
was a fluke. Generally they are excellent, though. The atmosphere is 
quiet and studious.  Lots of students with laptops, not much 
conversation. Good drip coffee, too. I think they compete in SCAA 
Teo's also has decent espresso, great gelato.
There's a lot of coffee shops that are quirky and interesting and I used 
to love before I knew what good coffee was. So if your sister isn't a 
coffee snob, there are many more possibilities with more interesting 
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

3) From: Tom Bellhouse
Where in Austin is JP's Java?  I'll be there for a few days next week on
the way to Mexico.
Tom in GA

4) From: Joe Schuepbach
On Jun 30, 2006, at 1:43 PM, Tom Bellhouse wrote:

5) From: Tom Bellhouse
Thanks Joe (and to Paul for the verbal directions.)  I know the spot.  I
had an office in Mezes Hall for a few years. ;<)
Tom in GA

6) From: Bill Morgan
Of the places we visited, and others I've tried since then, Mozart's
is the clear winner for tasty espresso.
Thanks for the reminder about JP's.  It's walkable from my office, so
I'll check in there.
The clear winner for atmosphere is Spider House
http://www.spiderhousecafe.com/),located a little further north from
campus.  Again, I haven't tried an espresso there since before I
started learning about real coffee.  I'll try to get by there over the

7) From: Paul Sack
On Jun 30, 2006, at 5:25 PM, Bill Morgan wrote:
I haven't been there since 2002. I never tried the espresso, but the 
drip was pretty awful, and that was before I got into good coffee. 
They've probably cleaned up their act.
Definitely do. It may be the only "3rd wave" shop in Texas. (I don't 
like that term, though.) They do latte art, too, even for to-go drinks.
Yeah, that was my favorite coffee shop when I lived in Austin. I mostly 
drank hibiscus iced tea, beer, or wine though. The coffee was still bad 
last time I went (March). One look at the way they treated their 
espresso machine was enough to know not to order anything 
espresso-based. Slowest service in Austin, too. But best atmosphere. I 
go there several times on every trip to Austin.
Ever been to Flipnotics up Barton Springs Road? A must. Great live 
music most nights. Second favorite. Okay coffee. Not sure about 
I think Little City at 26th & Guadalupe had fairly good espresso, too.

8) From: Joe
You're welcome. I stopped by JP's today for the first time and I was  
astounded.  I've been to almost every coffee shop in Austin,  
(Mozart's, Spiderhouse, Mojo's [since closed], Ruta Maya, Halcyon and  
Little City) and hands-down, it's the best espresso I've had in  
Austin. I'm really excited...as I had a shot of espresso... and a  
double latte... and another double latte...)
On Jun 30, 2006, at 4:37 PM, Tom Bellhouse wrote:

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