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1) From: John R. Ross
I just ordered more than 3 times what I have ever ordered in green coffee
and this a coupla weeks after a large order.
I have a rash of wedding gifts this summer and Fall and i have decided to
give all these young couples coffee equipment (vacuum brewers and grinders
appropriate to that kind of brewing and will send along a selection of
exotic coffees -- Kona (Kowali Blue Mountain) and P.R.(Yauco Selecto AA) as
well as some Organic Bugisu Kenya AA all in small quantities just to whet
the appetite for coffee drinkers who have not slept around.
I wish Thom would get in those Bodum spirit heaters that fit the Yama, cause
if he did, I'd order two of them and another Yama Syphon.
What I wanted to consultthis group about was the grinder -- I have a Solis
166 that has given me a years worth of impecable service but is too pricey
and just a bit too good for people who I think may own a moca pot or, one
couple may have some sort of plug-in moca device (Salton, Krups Braun?) that
sees occasional use.
Hearthware has one that they say is a burr grinder, and has a small
footprint -- all these people live in small places -- one in Manhatten.
Anyone know anything about this item ?
I've had a Braun which for a year would have sone OK for a Yama if you dont
mind a bit of sediment in the bottom of the cup (which I never have) But
then it stopped adjusting at all and I was already fed-up with it so I want
something better than that.
I want to consult with this forum cause I knwo I'd hear all about the Rocky
over at AltDotCoffee and the discussion would go off into Mazzur's and slide
off into dut taping the adjustment and -- those things are huge and I have
to buy two.
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2) From: Dave Clark
"John R. Ross" wrote:
Is it a requirement that it be electric? The Zassenhaus box mills or
Turkish mill would make a nice supplement, provided it's in the price 
I use both a box mill and Turkish mill for my grinding needs. Except 
the box mill is a bit picky lately after that rock got into it pretty 
good. Darn Mooka Rimy, I forgot it had a few rocks.
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3) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
John wrote"
 " ... What I wanted to consult this group about was the grinder ..."
John, may I suggest that you look at the new Solis Maestro which should be
available, let's hope, in time for your fall wedding gifts? It might be
slightly above your budget, but as I understand, it will be a very good and
also a very nice looking grinder.  I believe that Sweet Maria's - Tom plan
to carry it.
Cheers, Lubos
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4) From: Timothy A Reed
On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 22:39:24 -0700 "John R. Ross" 
Do you like the Yama?  I'm pondering vacpots and wondering about the Yama
vs. the Santos.  Comments?
I think just about any burr grinder will do, then.  Look at the Bodum
Antigua, or various models by La Pavoni, etc.
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5) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
Tim wrote:
" ... do you like the Yama?  I'm pondering vacpots and wondering about the
Yama vs. the Santos.  Comments?"
We do not own the yama, but we do own the manual Bodum Santos and the
(re-labeled variation of the) Bodum Santos 3000 electric. We use the
electric Santos more than once a day -- it is MUCH easier to use than the
manual Santos.
We bought our "Bodum-made electronic vacuum machine" before the Bodum -
labeled version was available in the USA. Now, that Bodum Santos 3000 is
available in the USA, I strongly recommend it to every coffee lover -- and
hope that it will be available from Sweet Maris's soon.
Cheers, Lubos
To answer a previous questions:  no, you cannot directly adjust the
extraction time on the Bodum 3000.  You can change the time by tilting the
base - lifting up the "handle side" shortens the time.
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6) From: David M. Lewis
At 10:39 PM -0700 8/16/01, John R. Ross wrote:
The low-end La Pavoni burr grinder should be available for about $40, 
which sounds like the price range you're considering, and would be a 
perfectly fine match for that sort of brewing equipment.
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7) From: Don Parkhurst/Katherine Bartel
I think that the Bodum Antigua is quite a good grinder for someone starting
out..............and best of all, right now it is on sale!  Here is the
Hope this helps,
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8) From: Fulton Martin
If you're a member, Costco online has it for $60. 
--On Saturday, August 18, 2001 9:06 PM -0700 "Don Parkhurst/Katherine 
Bartel"  wrote:
Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
N32 43.956, W117 05.874
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