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1) From: Lynne
Hi everybody -
Well, I've been lurking here for a week or two. Anxiously awaiting my 
second batch of green coffee from SM (because I'm running out of the 
good stuff, not because I drank too many cups).
I started out roasting my coffee in my good ol' cast iron pan. (I began 
to hone my cooking skills a good 26 yrs ago with nothing but a cast iron 
pan, two stainless steel pots and a wooden spoon). When I first tasted 
the results, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Then I found a Whirly Pop for a buck at a yard sale - yes, it was a big 
investment, but what the heck... So now I'm using the Whirly Pop (I'm 
waiting for a thermometer also - over cooked my last batch - heat was 
too high after the first crack - but even so, it is so much better than 
anything I have bought pre-roasted!)
So I want to thank you guys for a great list for my new addiction. 
Trying to figure out how I'm going to explain twenty-six lbs of green 
coffee to my family members... no, I take that back. My daughter just 
asked me if I ordered more green beans... (and gave a celebratory "YES!" 
when I replied that I did.)

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Welcome to the List. Sounds like you're off to a Great start and having fun.
LOL "Trying to figure out how I'm going to explain twenty-six lbs of green
coffee to my family members". If/when your greens stash gets a zero added to
the end that number then you'll have some explaining to do!
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: Vicki Smith
I'm ashamed to admit it, but when my  husband signed the financing 
agreement for his new car, which, for the next four years, will cost us 
almost as much as our (overly pricey) monthly mortgage payment, the 
thought that this would be a great time to order massive amounts of 
beans did cross my mind. And Mike, I thought about adding in the 
espresso maker too, postage and duty be hanged. After all, he could 
hardly complain about the cost of a couple hundred pounds of greenies 
and a few hundred dollars for a new coffee toy (or two), right?
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

4) From: Don Cummings
I am now at the point where I think in terms of "slipping this order in
here" or "that order there."  Not to hide it exactly but just to keep the
orders under the radar.
It was hard to "slip" the espresso machine that came this week in. So I just
set about making my wife as many cappas and lattes as she could handle until
she was forced to admit that it was a good investment.
I still get 'the look' everytime UPS shows up at the door though. :)
On 7/8/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

5) From: Lynne
I agree - well, the green beans /do/ cost so much less than roasted 
beans - and one saves on shipping costs with larger shipments... hmmm
(she ponders whether the landlord would be coaxed into accepting some 
good coffee instead of rent?)
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

6) From: Lynne
Ha! I love it!!!
Vicki Smith wrote:

7) From: Lynne
Don -
I bought a dehydrator a while back - when it came in the mail, I felt so 
guilty about spending the $$ that I left it in the box for several months.
Hey - maybe I can sell it on eBay & use that money for a good grinder...
Don Cummings wrote:

8) From: Brett Mason
Truly hard to imagine how much money one can save.  Begs the question, is a
husband allowed to "save money" by purchasing lots of supplies from SM - or
is this only for saying after a shopping trip?
On 7/8/06, Lynne  wrote:
Brett Mason

9) From: Michael Wade
and I'll bet his fancy new car can't do anything nearly as useful as make a 
good cup of coffee.

10) From: Steven Sobel
A car just takes you from point A to point B.
A cup of espresso can take you from point A to bliss!  And, you don't have
to worry about its gas mileage.
On 7/8/06, Michael Wade  wrote:

11) From:
welcome and this is a great group of coffee crazies. Lots of information (read no question is stupid.) regards,
---- Lynne  wrote: 

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