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Topic: OT: Bread Baking Beginnings (7 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: Lynne
Wanted to share this great website I just found - explains the art of 
baking bread in a clear manner - and has some good pictures, too.http://www.thefreshloaf.com/lessons/yourfirstloafLynne

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks for sharing. I copied the entire thing into a Word document so
that I will always have it (until my computer crashes...).
On 7/12/06, Lynne  wrote:

3) From: Lynne
Brian -
I'm going to go over the steps myself - despite my years of bread 
baking, I still haven't achieved the level I'd like. (although my [now 
young adult] kids tell me otherwise.
Found the site through Stumble (Foxfire extension - love that browser). 
I also have an incredible site about Thai food - lots of mini movies 
showing how to make the recipes listed, if anyone is interested. (again, 
off topic - but good food /does/ go with good coffee!)
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

4) From: Frank Parth
If you have a site on Thai cooking you MUST share it. My pad thai needs a lot of improvement.
Damn, just reading the site on breadmaking is making me hungry now.
Frank Parth

5) From: Michael Wascher
I need to start baking again. A house we had in Ohio was great for bread,
yeast loved the kitchen & we got some great loaves. Here in NJ it's a
struggle to make even a mediocre loaf.
On 7/12/06, Frank Parth  wrote:
"There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we
don't know." --  Ambrose Bierce

6) From: James House
Excellent, thanks alot Lynne.  I have never thought about baking my own
bread simply because I had already planted an idea in my head that I
couldn't do it, but this website gives me hope. :)
I think this will be a great project for me and my 4 year old daughter this
Thanks again,
On 7/12/06, Lynne  wrote:
In His Servicehttp://www.newtestamentchurch.org/

7) From: Brian Kamnetz
Let us know how it goes... I've never baked bread other than an
extremely simple "french" bread recipe, and I'd like to hear how your
efforts turn out.
On 7/13/06, James House  wrote:

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