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Topic: Miss Silvia in my future... (5 msgs / 136 lines)
1) From: Vicki Smith
I've just made plans to go to NYC in September. My husband has decided 
to begin to pay off the indebtedness he incurred when I was such a good 
sport about his new car by telling me to order a Silvia from SM and 
having it delivered to my son's place in NYC. I'll schlep it back on the 
airplane with me.
He actually said that since he didn't have to compromise by buying a 
less than great car, he doesn't expect me to settle for a less than 
great espresso maker. I'll need a new grinder as well--my solis maestro 
won't cut it for espresso, though it has been a great grinder for use in 
my KMB.

2) From: Larry Schwarz
Why have the Silvia delivered to NYC rather than where you live?
I live just outside of NYC and am wondering if there are any secrets to
buying a Silvia and having it delivered to NYC.
I'd like to hear about the car too?  Why kind of car did he get for you to
earn a Silvia?

3) From: Vicki Smith
I live in Western Canada, and when things are shipped here from the 
states we pay duty, a $5 government handling charge, and GST (our 
national sales tax), in addition to higher postal charges for 
international deliveries.
I will be out of Canada for a week, so I can bring $1000 worth of goods 
back in without any duty or tax. The savings can be substantial.
The car is a 2006 Charger SRT8 with a 425 HP, 6.1 litre hemi engine. 
It's probably earned me a new roaster too. ;)
Larry Schwarz wrote:

4) From: Larry Schwarz
With those wheels, You should go for the roaster, grinder and Silvia.

5) From: Jim
So you can get a permit to carry a concealed ristretto under the Guido 
O'Sullivan Law?

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