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Topic: Panama CE 1800+ Blending Suggestions (5 msgs / 105 lines)
1) From: James House
Well, I have not been overly excited about the PCE, as a KMB or FP.  I have
roasted it to both FC and FC+.   This morning I decided to try it through a
chemex filter, and it was only OK....at least it will pick me up as I am
headed off to do some fishing.
Well, I have alot of this (I think I bought 10 pounds) so I am curious if
anyone has any pre or post blending suggestions, cause I am just not getting
into it straight up.
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2) From: Peter Schmidt
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While I don't have this particular lot of PCE, the Carmen Estate from =
last year (and Panamas in general) blend extremely well w/ Tanzanian =
coffees.  The Tanz Songea is a great bean on its own, and fine w/ a =
Panama too.

3) From: Vicki Smith
How long have you rested it? I also use a KMB, and found that I liked it 
far more at day 5, than earlier (roasted city +). I also found that I 
had to adjust my grind, if I used it before then, making it two stops 
coarser than usual on my solis maestro. I assume there is a particular 
something or other in the coffee that goes away, or mebbe something else 
that makes its presence known, by day 5, and that the coarser grinding 
prevents whatever I'm not from coming into the cup on say, day 3 or 4.
The whole interplay between grind and resting intrigues me.
I've blended it with the current harar horse (#19) and enjoyed it very 
much. I use 2/3 horse (to barely Vienna that some might call FC+)
I am so new to all of this that I am still likely to be spouting 
nonsense, but this has been my experience with that bean.
vicki (off to the farmers market now)
James House wrote:

4) From: James House
I have had it as early as 12 hours, as late as 14 days, and many days in
between.  I have had it from C+ to FC+, it's just not a killer for me.  It
does have some blending potential though, at least for me.  I just went
50/50 with a Kona and it was pretty good, I wasn't that impressed with
either but together they were fairly enjoyable.  I usually try to mix up the
grind as well, going from a coarse FP to a finer grind for my KMB.
On 7/15/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:
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5) From: Tom Ogren
Have you tried the Panama (50%) blended with a smooth Central (like CR Dota)
and some Kenya Gethumbwini Peaberry? Very nice blend. I recall doing this
last month and will be trying to repeat now that I have more of the Kenya. I
am running a bit low on the Carmen Estate 1800 though, which is a shame
since I'm such a fan of the stuff.
Sooooo....All you CE1800 naybobs who might otherwise let your Panamas
languish on the shelf should feel free to send any unwanted beans my way :^)
TO in VA
On 7/19/06, James House  wrote:

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