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Topic: "Good grief" discovery of the month (6 msgs / 67 lines)
1) From: Scott Marquardt

2) From: Aaron
Somebody has WAY too much time on their hands.   Think if that time 
would have been used for something actually constructive.

3) From: Steve Hay
On 7/16/06, Aaron  wrote:
Then again, Feynman managed to use his study of a "wobbling" plate thrown up
in the air to his study of the movement of electron behaviour around the
nucleus of an atom, for which he later won the Nobel prize.
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
Barry Paradox: Consider k to be the greatest element of the set of natural
numbers whose description require maximum of 50 words: "(k+1) is a natural
number which requires more than 50 words to describe it."

4) From: Scott Marquardt
Citing prior work in a study is natural enough, but sometimes the language
used to express regard for others' efforts can be amusing:
"I thought of naming this the *cheap instant coffee effect*, until I learned
that it was already well known. Crawford2 dubbed it the *hot chocolate
effect*; and, he cites a lecture in which Bragg3 might just as easily have
called it the *cold beer effect*."
Personally, I think it'd have been far more amusing for us bystanders if the
writer had NOT credited others in this way. The ensuing turf war over these
three terms would have been a sight to behold.
On 7/16/06, Steve Hay  wrote:

5) From: Bill Cutts
I was most disturbed by this quote:
"Then I drank the experiment while I computed spectra."
The poor man drank instant coffee - what horror!

6) From: Scott Marquardt
Friends don't let friends computer spectra on instant coffee.
On 7/17/06, Bill Cutts  wrote:

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