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Topic: Ohm's law stuff (5 msgs / 125 lines)
1) From: Rob Stewart
Just to make sure as I am a little rusty at this stuff and thought one of 
you electronics people could verify if I am correct.
Elaine Jarvis recently acquired a Faema Due S like mine and I have sent her 
a copy of the manual and hope to be helping her with some other stuff about 
it.  She asked what the amperage requirement would be for the circuit 
breaker.   There is no mention of amperage, but at 2900 watts and 220 volts 
I get 13.18182 amps. and think a 20 amp circuit breaker would be sufficient. 
Does that sound right?
Thanks, Rob

2) From: Jim
Or for the rough and dirty calculators:
3000 Watts / 200 Volts = 15 Amperes - lots of safety margin with a 20 ampere 
circuit in intermittent home use.
BTW - the 30 second method to 'learn' (or at least know how the terms 
relate) Ohms Law - taught me some 50 years ago:
The Indian, The Eagle, and the Rabbit-
The Indian sees the Eagle over the Rabbit (I=E/R)
The Rabbit sees the Eagle over the Indian (R=E/I)
The Eagle sees the Indian and the Rabbit on the ground (E=IxR)
Of course the Rabbits are all trapped in the Top Hats since Vaudeville died, 
the Eagles are extinct, and no one's seen a real Indian since the company 
went bankrupt in '72...

3) From: Steve Hay
On 7/17/06, Jim  wrote:
And of course, power is as easy as P (pie)
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
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numbers whose description require maximum of 50 words: "(k+1) is a natural
number which requires more than 50 words to describe it."

4) From: raymanowen
Your math is on the button, Rob.
I don't pretend to be a licensed electrician, so I have no idea what they
might recommend or charge. Why not make use of circuits you may already
With natural gas service and a gas furnace, the electric dryer and cooktop
hit the dump soon after we moved in. The two 240 v circuits have been unused
ever since.
The dryer circuit has wiring and circuit breaker capacity of 30 amps, and
the cooktop wiring is good for 50a.
Any hardware store would have the correct wiring pigtail (A proper plug with
a few feet of wire and terminals crimped on), so you could make use of
either one if you have an outlet free.
If you don't have either in a convenient location, an electric dryer circuit
is so common that you could safely seek the lowest bid from some
On 7/17/06, Rob Stewart  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the
Wichita WurliTzer

5) From: Rob Stewart
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Thanks All,
Ray,  That's a good one.... scrounging no longer used circuits.

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