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1) From: DeCambre.Peter
I will be out of the office starting  11/26/2002 and will not return
until 12/02/2002.
I will respond to your message when I return.
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2) From: John F Coffey
Any one have any outstanding suggestions from the current offerings??
Haven't had the time to roast in the last year or so and I feel the  
need to roast something tasty..

3) From: Brett Mason
Hi John,
I just roasted some Uganda Bugisu - always a favorite... But why not get an
8-pack instead?
On 7/17/06, John F Coffey  wrote:
Brett Mason

4) From: Justin Marquez
On 7/17/06, John F Coffey  wrote:
This one was mighty good:
   Guatemala Fraijanes -Finca Agua Tibia
Also this one:
   Mexico Organic Oaxaca -Finca El Olivo
Ditto one this, too:
   Kenya Auction Lot -Gethumbwini Peaberry
This one, also:
   Peru Organic "El Guabo"
Fave decaf in current group:
   Ethiopia Harar WP Decaf
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

5) From: Darliene Stanhope
I just roasted my second batch of Kenyan Auction Lot Gethumbwini Peaberry.
It is awesome.  The first batch I roasted was great with 12 hour rest, 36
hours, even better, 60 hours awesome, and 84 hours, totally awesome!!!  It
didn't last any longer than that.  I am a huge fan of Kenyan coffee and
thought the Gicherori was heaven on earth, but now I think the Gethumbwini
Peaberry is heaven on earth.  :-)  The Yemen is an awesome coffee as well.
On 7/17/06, John F Coffey  wrote:

6) From: Tom Ogren
More for me if you don't know my foavorites, but I think these coffees
deserve the recognition, so...
I should state up front that I roast with an unmodified PopperyII and the
following beans have worked especially well with my setup. I suspect I would
enjoy my coffees even more if I could slow my roasts in order to achieve
lighter finished products without the grassy flavors I currently get below
FC (or FC+ as the case may be). My favorites would have to be as follows (in
no particular order...)
Kenya Gethumbwini Peaberry is a must if you like rich, powerful Kenyas. Its
depth of flavor and its contrast between low tones and fruitiness is
amazing. The Mchana Peaberry is a mild mannered Kenya with understated but
memorable character and a nice' symetrical quality', if that makes any sense
at all.
The Costa Rica La Minita is rich and balanced with good chocolate, vanilla,
and spice. Its a little expensive more than a little excellent. The
Mexico-Finca El Olivo is also very fine...a smooth, "elegant" cup with a
satiny mouthfeel and transparent, clean character.
I really enjoy the Sumatra Iskandar for its 'pine-forest-after-a-good-rain'
earthy quality and its beautifully long aftertaste. This one has drawn
several ooohs and aaaahs from friends and family.
TO in VA
On 7/17/06, Justin Marquez  wrote:

7) From: Andy Thomas
--- John F Coffey  wrote:
My latest favorite is Yemen Sana'ani.
A year without homeroast? I'm afraid you're going to
have to relinquish your CSA membership.
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8) From: John F Coffey
On Jul 18, 2006, at 7:24 PM, Andy Thomas wrote:
but .. but ... but ....  I just roasted some beans... that should be  
good for something...
I forgot what I was missing ... got way to busy .. but I'm gonna make  
time again...
What do I need to do to reinstate myself...LOL

9) From: Brett Mason
boast about the size of your portafilter....  That might do it....
On 7/18/06, John F Coffey  wrote:
Brett Mason

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