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1) From: Maureen Azcoitia
we are currently working our little air popper to
death, the inside is no longer that stainless steel
color more like a dark brown.  we are interested in
roasting 1 lb at a time and not spending a lot of
money.  can a HG/DB do this?  is there anyone in the
chicagoland area that can demonstrate/help us?  i am
really not a DIY person, so am nervous yet want to
learn about this method.
chitown people willing to help, please reply off list.

2) From: Steve Hay
Martin, a pretty dedicated HG/DB roaster, has commented on this before and I
think his answer was something like 1/2 to 3/4 lbs as the range; but that
higher amounts were possible with another source of heat, like a grill, and
using the HG to fine tune temperature late in the roast.  Someone else can
probably offer a better answer.
On 7/23/06, Maureen Azcoitia  wrote:
Steven Hay
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3) From: raymanowen
On 7/23/06, Steve Hay  wrote:
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4) From: Michael Wade
Check out:http://www.homeroaster.com/heatgun.htmlAccording to the authors of this link, you can roast up to a pound in a 96 
oz dog bowl.  You'd probably want one of the big 14 - 14.5 amp heat guns 
like the Milwaukee 750, Wagner HT 775 or Master HG-501A or HG-751B.  Check 
eBay, or the Master guns are available at Grainger, if you know anyone with 
an account there.
Good luck,
Michael Wade

5) From: raymanowen
I'm sorry- the finger has a nervous glitch and pushes buttons when it should
With my Wagner heat gun or the Glorious People's bright orange heat gun with
switch, I can easily roast 400g. After roasting to FC+, just into 2nd Crack,
this is a good fit in a 1qt fruit jar.
The poppers cost $20 or so around here. So, do they owe you anything on a
cost / roast basis?
W. W. Graingers has Master heat guns and repair parts. Their price will be
close to $100, but they're warranted for life.
Stretch an old nylon stocking over the HG air intake to exclude chaff.
Screen printers often use heat guns for flash curing multi color ink layers.
More often, they abuse them. There are usually one or two cadavers in the
shop and they're easy to fix.
You might work a deal- if they'll give you a decent heat gun, you'll sell
them some fresh roasted Specialty Coffee. They all have break areas with the
ubiquitous Mr Coffee drip pot. Maybe they'd like some special coffee in
their sales area...
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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