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1) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Ok First timer here I am currently out to sea but when I get home I
would love to give the whole roasting thing a try.. 
What will I need?
1) Hot air popper check
2) Knowledge of first crack and second crack (I think I vaguely
understand how it works)
3) unroasted beans (here is my hold up where can I get a small amount of
beans (like about 5 pounds) just enough to give me a few trial and error
runs and help with the learning curve. and to hope I get a few good cups
of coffee out of the deal...
Any suggestions out there as to what all I am missing and where to
locate coffee I am home ported in Norfolk VA.
FC1(SW) Dennis W. True
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
CS Dept CC
Duty Sec 1 CS E6 S/L
CS Dept Mentorship Coordinator
"Life Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it..."

2) From: Brett Mason
Start with ordering the 8-Pack sampler from Sweet Maria's.  You'll get a
variety of 8 different (good) beans.  You'll quickly find what you like and
what you don't,a nd guaranteed you'll get some amazing cups.  SM's price is
very reasonable for the 8 packs  ½lb each .
Ist and 2nd crack - you stay with your popper, and you'll hear the cracks
nice and loud - can't miss it, easy to do right, hard to hurt...
Welcome home,
On 7/24/06, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:
Brett Mason

3) From: Lissa
on 07/24/2006 02:47 PM True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69) said the following:
Make sure you have the kind with the air vents around the side cylinder, 
not the kind with the vent on the bottom covered by mesh.
First crack sounds like rice krispies. Second crack sounds like popcorn. 
First crack may bleed in to second crack, depending on the coffee.
sweetmarias.com, of course. I like the East Timors and Papua New Guineas 
for beginner roasters. They aren't fussy, and you are likely to get very 
drinkable coffees out of them.
Get a few coffees from Tom, then start with about a quarter cup of beans 
in your roaster. Add more beens to speed up the roast or use a few less 
to slow it down, if you have problems.
You might be able to find green beans locally, but they are likely to be 
crap. Also, this is Tom's list, so we don't talk about his competitors. 
Which is no hardship - every green bean I've bought locally turned out 
to be undrinkable.
There is a tendency to pull roasts too soon when starting to roast. To 
cool the beans, pour them back and forth between two colanders. 
Technically, you should wait 24-36 hours before drinking to rest the 
beans, but you can learn a lot from drinking them right away, then at 
different rest periods.
Have fun, don't be afraid to play around a bit, and it isn't as 
difficult as it might look at first.
Be well,
People who drink coffee have been shown to commit suicide
less frequently than people who don't.
Jeffery Steingarten, _It Must've Been Something I Ate_

4) From: Vicki Smith
The beans are the easy part...you get them from our hosts, Sweet 
Maria's, of course. I'm pretty sure that we don't all buy 100% of our 
greenies from SM, but you won't find any better at such incredible 
prices anywhere.
If it is worth paying the freight to send them all the way to Canada, 
trust me, you won't go wrong having them shipped to Va.
BTW, you should write a note in the text area of the order form 
requesting "Harvey" shipment. You get a special flat rate for up to 10 
If you are new at this, I would start with one of the sample packs from 
the site. You can get 1/2 pound or 1 pound packages. It's a great way to 
taste different really fine coffees from around the world.
True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69) wrote:

5) From: Scot Murphy
On Jul 24, 2006, at 2:01 PM, Lissa wrote:
Ack! It's the other way around. And with a popper, there is often  
very little buffer between first and second crack. Smell is a good  
indicator, too, but the only way to learn that is by experience.  
That's something you can only help someone with in person!
Scot "popcorn, then krispies" Murphy

6) From: Lissa
on 07/24/2006 03:50 PM Scot Murphy said the following:
You are right.
Which is what I was saying.
Smell is the best indicator. Yes, you learn it by experience, but it 
isn't necessary to learn it from another person. Pull the roast when it 
smells delectable. Since the roast will continue a bit, on the next 
roast (of the same bean), pull it slightly earlier.
Ignore the colour of the roasted bean. That will betray you, especially 
at first.
Be well,
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7) From: Barry Luterman
BTW, you should write a note in the text area of the order form
requesting "Harvey" shipment. You get a special flat rate for up to 10
12 pounds

8) From: Ed Needham
Not important.  Two of the best air poppers I've ever roasted with have the 
air vent at the bottom.  It's not a fire hazard either as far as my 
experience.  I've never heard of a problem except in theory.
Ed Needham®
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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9) From: Maureen Azcoitia
you can get more of a buffer by using an extention cord.  the longer
the better.  i use one of those orange 100 ft ones.

10) From: Steve Hay
On 7/24/06, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:
Go Navy.  I was stationed on CVN70 myself.
What will I need?
Experience is the only way to truly know (check)
3) unroasted beans (here is my hold up where can I get a small amount of
I say two choices here.  (1) get a sampler pack and try a bunch of origins
and varietals (2) get about 5 lbs of something simple, like Colombia De Los
Santos, or a Guatemala Huehue.. something in the middle of the road that you
can play with the variables.
(I would opt for the sampler myself)
Any suggestions out there as to what all I am missing and where to
Online really is the best source, and SM has my vote.  Tom has a great
tongue for good coffee.
R, works here-- we're an informal bunch.
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
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11) From: Scott Miller
Maureen Azcoitia wrote:
Speaking of extension cords... over the weekend I was out of town, but 
took my HGDB rig with me to my parents' home. When I'm home, I always 
use an extension cord out of necessity. At their house, it's possible 
for me to plug directly into an outlet.
Let's just say it's a good thing the first roast I did was a Sumatran 
that I was looking to go FC++ on . I sure got there a lot faster than 
I normally do.

12) From: Justin Marquez
On 7/24/06, Ed Needham  wrote:
I bought one as an experiment.  It roasted just fine. As far as the
"flaming chaff" issue, the HG/DB spits out more glowing chaff than
either style popper I've used.
The main issue I had with the hole-in-the-bottom popper was that the
roast was so fast it was hard to control.  I could have done a lot to
improve that with mods or variac but it was simpler just to move on th
HG/DB and get larger batch size as a perk.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

13) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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To come at it a slightly different way, some of us do buy all our greens 
from Tom and Maria, because we can be sure of what we're getting.  Early 
on, before I "got it", I ordered some things I had gotten from Sweet 
Maria's elsewhere when they ran out.  I learned on each of those three 
purchases, and I can't imagine doing it again without some better reason 
than I can imagine (so I'm not just addicted to coffee, both caffeinated 
and decaffeinated, but to the best (Sweet Maria's).  My friends who 
roast all feel the same way!
The 'Hold for Harvey" choice under shipping  works for 12 pounds of 
coffee, only coffee, not other supplies, if I have it correctly.  Not 
only is it wonderfully inexpensive shipping, but it is FAST.
Take care,
Vicki Smith wrote:

14) From: Tom Ogren
The 'Hold for Harvey" choice under shipping  works for 12 pounds of coffee,
only coffee, not other supplies...Dont' forget those fine cotton coffee bean
bags! You can include those in your Harvey orders as well.

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