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Topic: What are currently the "cleanest" coffees on the list? (5 msgs / 92 lines)
Some advice please.  I have been lately sending my
sister in 90210 some homeroast.  The feedback is that
she most enjoyed Columbia Cauca FNC Excelso no longer
on the greens list at SM.  She appreciated least the
coffees that I would have most enjoyed I. E. dry
possessed, relatively funky tasting stuff.  My guess
is that her female smeller is a good deal more
sensitive to scent overtones than mine is.  That said,
I think she really prefers wet process coffees.  Which
of those on the current list that you have direct
experience roasting and tasting would you suggest for
                       Thanks, Paul
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2) From: Lynne
Paul -
I'm quite new here (and to homeroasting), but as one who only drank 
Colombian in my past, pre-homeroasting days,
I am really enjoying the Tanzania Songea. Also the Bolivia Montana 
(organic) Peaberry, which was my favorite until I tried the Tanzania.
Of course, I have twice as much Bolivia than the Tanzania...

3) From: Wesley Simon
I'd recommend a Guatemalan or Costa Rican coffee.  Also, I don't know of
anyone that would turn away the Uganda Bugisu, but it is a little more
bold.  The Mexican from Chiapas is probably excellent even though I haven't
tried it.
On 8/2/06, Lynne  wrote:

4) From: Tom Ogren
Of the 20 or so I have in my stash nowadays, the word clean springs to mind
for several of them (Costa Rica, Guatemala), but the cleanest of the bunch
(to my senses) is the Mexico Organic Oaxaca Finca El Olivo. This coffee is
Clean with a capital C! and clean is the first word I use when describing it
to people. It has a consistently smooth, well rounded character and a
satin-like mouthfeel which makes the coffee's light body seem more
substantial. It is a beautiful and elegant coffee...and I think it's nice
for drinking during hotter weather (heat index of 112 today here in VA...) I
might need some more of the Oaxaca now that I think of it...
The La Minita is also quite clean, but has fuller body, more aromatics and a
rich chocolatey undercurrent. The balance is outstanding though and it
"feels" cleaner as a result of that.
TO in VA
On 8/2/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

5) From: Scott Miller
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I have not roasted any of the current offering yet, but ine Tom's review 
of the CR La Magnolia he uses the words "clear" and "clean" often enough 
to make me believe this would be a good choice.
Tarrazu region coffees seem to get lots more attention than those of 
Tres Rios, but my past experiences with Tres Rios beans have been good.

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