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Topic: Pre or Post Roast Blending ? (6 msgs / 120 lines)
1) From: Randy
Am anxious to start experimenting with some blends now that I have a good
six months of RK Drum roasting under my belt.  Is it always preferable to
blend after roasting the beans separately, or is it OK to blend the greens
and then roast ?  
Thanks in advance for your response and hey, while you are at it, please
feel free to offer up some of your favorite blend recipes from currently
available stock !

2) From: Brett Mason
Anecdote only - my Christmas Blends are all pre-roasted.  Perhaps
they'd be better crafted as individual roasts, and balance blended,
but I'm not that good....
On 8/2/06, Randy  wrote:
Brett Mason

3) From: Michael Guterman
Depends on the  beans.  If they will roast all together to the point you 
want (like Moka Kadir, Monkey, etc), then you can pre blend.  I usually 
post blend cause I just don't know how they will do, and in the Hottop, 
the amount it will roast gives me the amount I want if I do three or 
four separate roasts.
Have fun.  Due to new medication I am drinking mainly decaf, so I have 
no blends to offer.  Sorry.
Randy wrote:

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
I usually post-roast blend,  I'm usually looking for a couple of
pounds and batches of 1/2 pound with the modified poppery usually
works out without needing to pre-roast mixing.  When I require a
smaller percentage of a particular bean (example: 12.5% Monsooned
Malabar - 1/4 pound in a blended target of 2 pounds) I usually roast
it seperately or roast with a bean that I feel requires a similar
profile and End Of Roast temperature.
Pre-roast blends can work well, SM's Monkey and Dr. Josuma's Malabar
Gold are good examples.
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Les
I have drifted to post-roast blending most of the time over the past
few years.  It is nice to have seperate SOs and blend accordingly.
Roast levels can be changed to meet the desired affect one wants on
the blend.  My last blend that I really enjoyed was a 50% Harar Horse
- Green Stripe at city plus and a 50% Sumatra Classic at city roast.
If I had pre-blended I wouldn't have had as much control over the
final roast level.   Besides, if I want a straight Horse or Sumarta I
can enjoy the SOs.  If my test blend doesn't meet my desired outcome I
can vary the next mix to better anticipate what I want.  I really
thought I was going to end up with about 66% Sumatra and 33% Horse,
but the 50/50 was really good, so I stuck with it.  It is tough to
change ratios on a pre-blend.
On 8/2/06, Michael Dhabolt  wrote:

6) From: Barry Luterman
I hit on a successfully pre-blending method strictly by laziness. I have a 
hot-top and an i-roast. One day while letting the Hot-Top cool between 250 
gr.City roasts of a Kenyan. I roasted 150 gr of Sumatra DP To city roast 
plus in the fluid bed roaster. The resulting blend of 500 gr of high tone 
Kenyan roasted in a drum roaster blended with 150 gr of an earthy Sumatra 
roasted dark in a fluid bed roaster was not to be believed. We have dubbed 
it Barry's Blend and it is a standard around our house. Come to Hawaii and 
I'll brew a pot or pull some shots either way it is excellent.

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