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1) From: Scjgb3
after reading about all the coffee everyone is roasting etc. I finally  
decided on the following;
Brazil Organic Cachoeira -Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopia Harar Horse -Green  Stripe 
these two seem to have the most positive feedback. what roast would ya'll  
start at? How many days/hours till peak?

2) From: Les
The Yellow Bourbon is more forgiving, so I would start with a nice
city roast.  This is just past 1st crack, but not into second crack.
I had some today rested for 2 days and it was very good.  The Harar
Horse-Green Stripe really hit stride at 4 days rest and was going
strong at day 9 when I ran out.  I roasted it just a few snaps into
second crack.  It does well with a darker roast.
On 8/2/06, Scjgb3  wrote:

3) From: Michael Dhabolt
How do you compare the Brazil Organic Cachoeira -Yellow Bourbon, to
last years Brazil Sul de Minas - Yellow Bourbon?
Mike (just plain)

4) From: Les
I did a head to head and could tell no significant difference.  The
prep on the new Yellow Bourbon seems to be a little cleaner.  Maybe I
should keep my mouth shut, I have not put in my big order for this
years crop yet.  I just finish the last of the Sul de Minas.  Simply
awesome shots this AM, balanced, sweet, with that great full flavor
that comes from a good Brazil.
On 8/2/06, Michael Dhabolt  wrote:

5) From: Michael Dhabolt

6) From: Barry Luterman
I ordered 5 lbs 2 days ago because of last year. Now I am sorry I didn't 
order more and I haven't even received it yet.

7) From: Michael Dhabolt
I know what you mean, I'll add 20# to this 12# order I'm sure.
Mike (just plain)

8) From: Barry Luterman
Should come tomorrow.I remember how we both enjoyed it last year.Will roast 
some as soon as I get it and will let you know.

9) From: Scjgb3
your lucky my order is 5 days away wish SM had a shop in the  southeast

10) From: Brett Mason
My 10lb arrived yesterday, so I am holding off until - noon today to roast...
Can't Wait!
On 8/3/06, Scjgb3  wrote:
Brett Mason

11) From: Brett Mason
Have you tried the "Customer Pickup - Hold for Harvey" shipping
option?  This is fancy wording for flat rate shipping of $9 for up to
12lb of beans - takes 2-3 days in the US...
On 8/3/06, Scjgb3  wrote:
Brett Mason

12) From: Scjgb3
     no i haven't, But now since i understand i will. i  have a reason to 
order some more!! Like i need another reason. lol 
happy brewing

13) From: Tom Ogren
Bear in mind that only beans (12 lbs. or less) and cotton bags can be
included in Harvey orders. I live on Chesapeake Bay in VA and my Harvey
orders arrive in three days. Excellent.
TO in VA
On 8/3/06, Scjgb3  wrote:

14) From: Scjgb3
awwwww.............only 12lbs.  i would love to have 12 at once i  usually 
just buy 2-3 at time since i'm the only real coffee drinker in the  house. also 
i only can roast 1/2cup at time, which means i can roast every day.  got to 
love that though. house always smells of coffee. besides still waiting on  the  
CORY to show up. 

15) From: Woody DeCasere
actually it's up to 12 pounds
On 8/3/06, Scjgb3  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

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