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Topic: caffe mocha (5 msgs / 85 lines)
1) From: Peter Zulkowski
Just about the only coffee I will order when I am out is a Cafe Mocha (sp?)
I have had one in Mexico, Las Vegas, and in New England. Also, anywhere 
else that has them on the menu.
The only ingredient I am sure of is espresso from an espresso machine. 
Maybe I saw a server put some Hershey's Syrup in one in Mexico, but I 
have never asked how they are made. (duh!)
The taste is always the same, wherever I am, and I can count on getting 
a good one.
Does anyone know how to make these?
Since I just picked up a Cuisinart Espresso machine at a sidewalk sale, 
I am anxious to try it out on something that I hope will be good.
Any ideas as to the ingredients greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all.
Still camping, in Gloucester, MA.

2) From: Sandy Andina
When I make one, I use a 12-oz. mug and start with one or two  
tablespoons of chocolate syrup (sugar free for me)--and it has to  
have the viscosity, opacity and dark sweet flavor of Hershey's, not  
that transparent flavored water that works for other flavors like  
hazelnut or vanilla (reg. or sugar free). I then pull a double shot,  
and fill with milk frothed to a microfoam consistency--again, for me,  
I use either Carb (now called "Calorie") Countdown 2% when I can get  
it or equal parts plain Soy Dream, heavy cream, and water.
On Aug 3, 2006, at 10:47 PM, Peter Zulkowski wrote:
Sandy Andina

3) From: Woody DeCasere
also good to use ghiridelli ground sweetened cocoa if you can find it.
On 8/3/06, Sandy Andina  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

4) From: Lynne
I was just looking at the King Arthur online catalog the other day, and 
could have sworn that they had a Ghiridelli syrup (like Hershey's). Now 
I can't find it.
Went to the Ghiridelli website, but couldn't find it there.
I've lost it...
Woody DeCasere wrote:

5) From: Lynne
Sorry to reply to myself - but I found it! Just do a search for 
'Ghirardelli Syrup'. (duh!)
(who needs another cuppa - cuz now I'm talking to myself...)
Lynne wrote:

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