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Topic: Iced Liquid Amber ... an icy cold buzz (5 msgs / 106 lines)
1) From: Michael Wascher
I used to get coffee in Seattle. The cafe in the basement of Pioneer
Square's Eliott Bay Bookstore always had some in in a chiller (the clear
plastic container with the spinning arms that sprayed liquid). Strong, just
slightly sweetened, over ice.
Two long shots of Liquid Amber roasted to N Italian, a couple teaspoons of
sugar, chilled in the freezer & the mug filled with cracked ice.
It tastes like I remember. An icy cold buzz!
Jean just came home for lunch & took a sip. She contorted her face & said
something unflattering about it. Don't listen to her. She's an occasional
coffee drinker, likes sweetened milk with a dash of coffee. It really is
good stuff!
"There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we
don't know." --  Ambrose Bierce

2) From: Scjgb3
i can feel your pain my woman is the exact same way, trying to change her  
over though. we both lol to your post, with her saying "See i'm not the only  

3) From: Michael Wascher
Jean used to drink "coffee" on the weekends. This is when we first met, and
I used very good beans though not homeroast, a whirly grinder & a drip pot.
I kept reducing the amount of coffee because it was too strong for her. Then
she said it wasn't hot, so I started microwaving the milk. And reduced the
amount of coffee in the warm milk even more. Her preferred brew was inverted
proportions -- a mug of warm milk, a couple teaspoons of coffee, and a
couple teaspoons of sugar.
One day she got up late, and made her own "coffee". She didn't like it.
I showed her how to make her "coffee" and Jean realized that I hadn't been
exaggerating when I said she had "a bit of coffee in her milk". She got so
embarrassed that she stopped drinking it!
However, she makes funny faces when she tries my wine picks & some beers. So
there's still entertainment to be had watching her taste various
On 8/5/06, Scjgb3  wrote:
"There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we
don't know." --  Ambrose Bierce

4) From: George Miller
This reminds me of my wife in some ways.  When we first met she drank a fair 
amount of coffee every day.  After several years she ended up not being able 
to tolerate regular and had to switch to decaf.  Since I still drank 
regular, she gradually ended up not drinking coffee at all, unless it be at 
a restaurant with a breakfast meal at night. 
Then I started roasting coffee beans in February of this year.  I bought her 
some decaf beans and roasted some for her.  Well, she's not back to being a 
big coffee drinker, but she now has to have a cup in the morning.  After she 
tried her first batch of Sumatra Decaf, Columbia Decaf, and Costa Rican 
Decaf all done to full city she only could say (I hope jokingly) "Damn you, 
you got me back into having to have a cup of coffee in the morning."    Now 
I can get whatever I want for coffee roasting supplies with no problem. 
Oh ya, when I roast outside with my Bravi (soon to be upgraded to a Gene 
Caffe) my next door neighbor will come over and say "playing Juan Valdez 
again are you."  We all get a big kick out of that.  I believe he thinks I'm 
a tad nuts going through all that work for a cup of joe.  I told him one day 
when he had that you're nuts look on his face that I'm not nuts, I just have 
severe bi-polar and the home roasted coffee enhances the mania and cuts out 
the depression.  I just told him fresh roast is my drug of choice for 

5) From: Lynne
My daughter is trying to stay away from coffee - and I know I'm making 
it way too difficult for her. The flavor of homeroasted is so 
incredible. I even enjoy the spicy smell while beginning the roasting - 
I love it!
I did finally realize that another member of my household simply does 
not have the palate. Oh, he's had a lifetime of coffee loving behind 
him, but anyone who'll drink instant (BLECH!!!! :-X ), can't possibly 
tell the difference.
I decided to prove it to myself, and I was right. (Warning -this is 
incredibly evil) I blended all the little batches of coffee that I don't 
consider to be quite right, along with the Whole Foods leftovers from 
more than a month ago, that he purchased. This is for his morning coffee 
- not mine.
He had to have a second cup this morning - because it tasted so good.

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