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Topic: Toast to Alfred (5 msgs / 55 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
Raise your glass dear friends, and join me...
Here's to Alfred, fun, caring, and sharing.
Here's to Tom and Maria and the joy they bring.
Here's to the oldies who've been working their craft.
Here's to the Newbies, who help us press on.
Here's to the list, a coffee shop always here for a warm visit.
Here's to you, my friends who make it happen it happen.

2) From: Eddie Dove
On 8/10/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

3) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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What a nice thing to do!  Some of us really are oldies, aren't we?
Brett Mason wrote:

4) From: Jerry Procopio
Here! Here!
Brett Mason wrote:

5) From: Jerry Procopio
I wasn't very active on the list when Alfred was still with us, and I 
don't think we ever had any e-mail exchange, but he touched me none the 
less.  I read his words and learned a little.  As a fellow gin drinker, 
I cannot see that green bottle of Tanqueray without remembering Alfred. 
  I miss him.
Brett Mason wrote:

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