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Topic: Bean choices for Jasmine flavor? (6 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: Reed Taylor
HI everyone -
My Stash Reduction Program has been successful enough that I think I 
will soon be asking Harvey to come 'round with some more beans for me, 
sometime very soon.
I've found that I've been getting much, much better at controlling -- 
and then later tasting and forming opinions about -- my roasts.  This is 
due in no small part to some advice I got on this mailing list - 
specifically, to buy no less than 2 pounds of any given coffee at a 
time, so that I can really learn what I'm doing and make some real 
comparisons, without having to change beans every 2 or 3 roasts.
(I've also gotten into HG/DB, which has been very educational, and a lot 
of fun!  The Zach & Dani's has been shelved for now, though I think 
it'll come back out in winter.)
Anyway - to get to the point... I've been really thrilled with a couple 
of beans I've had that carried a Jasmine-tea like quality - notably the 
Ethiopia MAO Yirg. from last year.  Yum! Can anyone out there recommend 
a similarly floral-yet-delicious coffee from amongst the current offerings?
Reed in Pittsburgh

2) From: Reed Taylor
Well, I bit the bullet and ordered 2 lbs of the Panama Hacienda La 
Esmeralda Gesha.  "Yirgacheffe on steroids" sounds exactly like what I 
was looking for.
Hopefully it'll live up to the description & the price tag... and that 
my beginner-level roasting skills will rise to the occasion!
Thanks & happy roasting,
Reed in Pittsburgh
Reed Taylor wrote:

3) From: Brett Mason
Perhaps a review of your price tag reference is in order.
Please visit a local coffee store, and inquire of a lb of beans.
Did your purchase at Sweet Maria's exceed that price per pound?
On 8/15/06, Reed Taylor  wrote:
Brett Mason

4) From: Les
Some of us paid way more for the tri-pack (over $50.00 for the Gesha).
 I doubt this offering is much less of a bean than the CoE.  However,
I want to support the CoE efforts to keep awesome coffee like the
Gehsa coming in at the $15.00 range.  I find it puzzling that we don't
balk at Kona and JBM costing this much, but a superior prepped Panama
gets looked at sideways.  Two sleepers you might consider are the
Costa Rican "SM Select" Peaberry and the Guatemala Antigua Peaberry
"Maria Especial".   When it comes to a Yirgacheffe, it is a unique cup
all to its own.  The current offering has wonderful Jasmine, the
Ethiopian FTO Yirgacheffe -Oromia Coop.  So I would recommend going
for some of it.  If you like the wild coffees, you might be
disappointed in the Geshsa.  To me it is an ultra complex coffee that
is simply amazing.  Have you given the Kenya coffees a try?  They will
take your taste buds on a real roller coaster ride!
On 8/15/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Reed Taylor
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Ha!  Too true. 
Thinking about it, this will be the first time the cost of my unroasted 
beans will even begin to approach cost of uninteresting, store-bought, 
roasted beans.  Not that I mind!  I'm excited by the opportunity to 
sample something really special.  For me, that's what roasting is all about.
Plus it's not as though I'm stretching the annual coffee budget by 
purchasing 2 pounds of anything.  At least, that's what I keep telling 
myself -- and my wife.
In any case, I'm excited and I'll hopefully be sipping my first-ever 
gesha by early next week!  Unless, that is, you happen to notice a 
headline like this:
"Pittsburgh man sets house ablaze in bizarre heat-gun mishap - 
Authorities, baffled by dog bowl discovered at scene, suspect caffeine 
In that case, I'm going to need a new dog bowl.
Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Reed Taylor
Hi Les -
Thanks for the recommendations!  I've probably got enough ideas to fill 
out a Harvey order, based on your list alone. :-)
I was very close to ordering the tri-pack myself, but at that point I 
couldn't justify the expense given my total newbie status in 
roasting-land.  Actually, it wasn't even so much the expense as it was 
my respect for the beans themselves, I couldn't bear the thought of 
losing track of something and carrying what should have been a C+ into a 
FC+ due to my own lack of experience.  Now, though, with a whopping 2 or 
3 months' experience under my belt (heh), I've gained a good bit of 
In any case I agree completely about it being worth spending money to 
support the availability of these exotic & high-quality beans.  With the 
world being so saturated with stuff produced for minimum cost and 
maximum mass-appeal, I've always been of the mind that it's worth 
spending a bit more on something if the extra money serves to reward 
someone for going out on a limb.  Just as true for coffee as it is for 
produce, music, etc., in my opinion.
Thanks again!
Les wrote:

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