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Topic: Not a coffee injury... but ... (10 msgs / 175 lines)
1) From: Scott Miller
This morning I was doing a first cup, inverted Aeropress.
I have a lot on my mind right now:
--  ~2 weeks away from closing on a house that's in the last phase of 
construction (lots phone calls & decisions to make).
--  work is crazy since students are back in town and our business goes 
crazy when an additional 7000 students are now here.
--  I am involved in a consulting gig on the side.
I am not working today, but did have to go in for a brief meeting at 
8.30. At 7.45 I'm brewing coffee and the phone rings as I'm placing the 
filter and cap on the AP. I reach to answer the phone and it's the 
builder. So, I'm trying to multitask: talk on the phone and do the "AP 
flip". Sadly, I forgot to SCREW THE CAP IN PLACE. While I'm chatting on 
the phone and trying to plunge the coffee, there's this tremendous 
WHOOSH and a rainstorm of coffee slurry all over me, the toaster, the 
wall, a bit on the cat, some on the floor..... my girlfriend is laughing 
so hard she drops her cup of yogurt/granola stuff. The cat goes 
screching to the other room, I drop the phone & this disconnects the call.
Gosh, I love moments like this! I manage another brew (successful, this 
time). The cat's OK and no more neurotic than usual. The mess is cleaned 
up and my girlfriend has called most everyone we both know to share what 
a klutz I can be.

2) From: Brett Mason
Sounds like the right guy to buy Water Works at the next Monopoly game...
This is the visual image from the Aeropress Invert that just scares me....
On 8/15/06, Scott Miller  wrote:
Brett Mason

3) From: Lynne
Scott Miller wrote:
And it is my tendency to do things like this that keeps me from trying 
the hot air gun roasting method. (I try to stay as far away from 
anything called a "gun," anyway...) Add to that my other tendency - I'll 
call it 'forgetfulness...'  Will NOT attribute it to my age, which, when 
I was younger, I would have called it 'middle age,' (was I like this 
year ago? can I remember?) but, I now that I'm in my 50's, I despise 
that term.
Besides, my kids have inherited this same tendency. Like when you are 
mixing something to eat, and you try to put the milk carton in the 
microwave, instead of back in the refrigerator. Or you keep LOSING 
This is particularly frustrating right now for me. I gave my son the 
money to buy two packages of Frontline (thank God he didn't have enough 
for the third dog). That was about two days ago. I already can't find 
them (which got me to do a massive cleanup - found other things, but not 
the $40+ ea. Frontlines.)
I once read an interesting obit years ago about a respected and beloved 
MIT professor (wish I knew his name). They told the story about how he 
was walking down Mass. Ave. in Cambridge once, and asked a passing 
student which direction he (the professor) had come from. The student 
pointed, and the professor said, "Good, then I ate lunch..."
Rest assure, though, I know EXACTLY where the green beans are, and I 
remember every blessed drop I drink!

4) From: Scott Marquardt
I just posted something quite similar to the other thread. Yes, you and me
both. Funny that it's two Scotts  -- good grief.
Yeah, despite the heat it made me laugh my head off too.
- Scott
On 8/15/06, Scott Miller  wrote:

5) From: Bob Brashear
Lynne wrote:
There are those of us that "attract misfortune". My friends get very 
concerned when I use power tools. I have fallen off roofs, ladders, 
chairs and such. Last month I dropped a can of paint on my toe (breaking 
it) while doing electrical work. A week later, I fell off my bike and 
broke a rib.
My other hobby is experimental rocketry.
I feel safe roasting coffee.
Bob Brashear
The meek SHALL inherit the Earth. The rest of us are going to the stars!

6) From: Scott Miller
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Are you also left handed?
Scott Marquardt wrote:

7) From: Scott Marquardt
No. So perhaps we're mirror images -- gaffing in opposing ways. But then
your inversion would be my reversion, so I guess that's not quite it
either.    ;-)
On 8/15/06, Scott Miller  wrote:

8) From: Justin Marquez
On 8/15/06, Lynne  wrote:
I remember when I attained the age usually acsribed as  "middle age".
How many people live to be 100...?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

9) From: Scot Murphy
On Aug 15, 2006, at 12:38 PM, Bob Brashear wrote:
Rocketry...coffee...so much potential...
Scot "roast where no man has roasted before" Murphy

10) From: miKe mcKoffee
That DOES put coffee preparation dangers in perspective! Still trying to
envision the how & why of a paint can and electrical work...;-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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