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Topic: BBQ Conversion--Natural to Propane (6 msgs / 183 lines)
1) From: Robert Adams
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Recently moved to a townhouse sans the natural gas stub that I've been =
privy to during my first sixty RK roasts. 
Changed 3 burner 45K to propane and whoa!--way hotter.
Most of my roasts are one pound, 3 minute warmup to 480F, pull at =
desired roast, usually 14:30-15:00.
The warmup alone w/propane was half the time. Normally I weigh and =
collect gloves etc. during warmup--got back on propane warmup and was =
approaching 550F on TC!
My question to you drum roasters--how many roasts can I expect from my 5 =
gal. bottle? Will buy a 2nd as backup but wondering what to expect. =

2) From: Geary Lyons
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A pound of propane has 91,547 btu's.
An OPD valve equipped standard 20# tank will hold approx. 4.5#
So that's approx. 411,962 BTU per tank.
If you a running full bore, and the 45K BTU rating is for the triple burner,
exclusive of side burners, rotisserie, etc., then you will get about 9 hours
and 9 minutes roasting time.
I have a 36K, California weather, so I don't even run full bore for warm-up.
(I'm never in that big of a hurry)  You will have to extrapolate your burner
setting/run rate and adjust accordingly.  At full bore 45K btu you will get
36.6 roasts.  That .6 roast is a bummer though.  I do keep a back up tank
and I watch the condensation track to estimate remaining fuel.  Have to
avoid that .6 roast!!  (Although you could probably switch bottles with
little harm and just continue!)

3) From: Geary Lyons
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Opps, have to factor in the warm-up time, but you can do the math!!

4) From: Robert Adams
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Thanks Geary---more roasts than I thought. Condensation track?

5) From: raymanowen
The liquid fuel in the propane tank will be evaporating to yield gaseous
propane for pressure regulation and burning. The liquid fuel level in the
tank will be obvious externally by the band of sweat around the tank. As
good as a sight glass except in Death Valley, with almost 0% RH.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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6) From: Jerry Procopio
I think I am getting about 30 roasts per tank but I have never checked 
to make sure.  Now you have me curious and I'll log all my roasts till I 
change tanks.  I put a fresh tank on today and did 3 roasts so far. 
I'll post again when I change tanks next time.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Robert Adams wrote:

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