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Topic: Roasting some favourites (6 msgs / 85 lines)
1) From: Derek Bradford
Just thought I'd share what I've got in the roaster tonight...  Some
Sumatra Blue Batak, Columbia Huila (Los Idolos te Bellavista), and
some Donkey blend (to supplement the Liquid Amber I've already got).
This is my first weekend with the roaster and my espresso machine, so
I want to make it a good one.
Happy Roasting!
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2) From: Steven Sobel
What do you think of the Sumatra Blue Batak?  I have always been tempted to
try it but haven't yet.  Just too many coffees to try.
On 8/16/06, Derek Bradford  wrote:

3) From: Derek Bradford
I love it.  I drank a couple pounds of it back in the spring, and it
was great.  I used it in a couple blends, and one of them was perhaps
the best blend I've ever come up with.  I'll let you know what it's
like this weekend as I go through what I roasted last night...I forget
what I liked about it just now.
On 8/17/06, Steven Sobel  wrote:
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4) From: Wesley Simon
I love the Blue Batak.  I think the best drink is about a 50-50 mix of
espresso and steamed milk.  I have about a pound left that I'm hoping will
multiply into happy new little Blue Bataks.
Everytime I get in the cabinet to pull out some greens, the Blue Batak begs
to be roasted.  I keep hoping a Sumatra comes along that will compare...
On 8/17/06, Derek Bradford  wrote:

5) From: Wesley Simon
I gave in to temptation Friday night: Out of the 27 ounces of Blue Batak
that I had left, I roasted about half of it.  This morning I had a drip pot
of it; it was fantastic.  I recall the best brew method for this coffee is
espresso...  I'll have to make the time to have some...
I also roasted up some Uganda Bugisu and Guatemala Huehuetenango.  The
bugisu is wonderful; haven't tried the huehuetenango yet as Centrals usually
require more rest than africans and sumatrans.   I just love the mouthfeel
of the bugisu, it seems like it should have a higher cupping score.
On 8/18/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

6) From: Derek Bradford
Oh man...the espresso was great.  I drank it as mainly ristrettos,
with a couple americanos thrown in, and this morning we each had a
capuccino to finish it off.  I liked the straight shots the most, but
the capuccinos were actually quite good; they were better than the
americanos for me.
On 8/21/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:
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