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1) From: Mike Chester
 This guy is a Stanford Engineering Grad Student with imagination. He  
 wants to put his toy on ebay if they can come up with a category

2) From: Lynne
I'm sorry - I have to say it.
What a sad waste of intelligence and creativity - while our earth is 
going down the tubes due to excessive emmissions, etc.
Mike Chester wrote:

3) From: Leo Zick
hope you dont use hairspray or anything else in a pressurized can..  
that would make you a hypocrite, and him still a very very smart man.
Quoting Lynne :

4) From: Lynne
Ouch. Didn't want to start a war... no, I don't use hairspray (not that 
it would actually equal THAT baby...)  And, this is all
way off topic, but I do try to do my own small part (even, ugh, washing 
my dishes by hand of late, because our
dishwasher take way too much time to clean, & I know it's using too much 
BUT - yes (if these aren't some doctored up photos, btw - w/Photoshop, 
anything's possible), he is obviously very intelligent.
Can't help but think... if only...
Leo Zick wrote:

5) From: Leo Zick
he's real. i think discovery or one of those channels had a show on  
him.  very smart, very impressive.
im guessing with the cost of gas and fear of setting people on fire,  
its not used much, if its even kept in the car on a permenent basis..
well, not to point fingers, but i hope youre buying fair trade beans  
and capturing and filtering all that roasting smoke over there!  oh,  
and i know your roasting over a wood burning fire from salvaged trees,  
and not a gas (gasp!), or worse, electric (double gasp!) stove! lol
anyway, i sometimes miss the old world traditions(?) that we have  
gotten away from.  we are certainly dependant on energy, id say our  
lives revolve around it!
Quoting Lynne :

6) From: Lynne
Leo, Leo, Leo - methinks I hit a sore point with you.
In case you misunderstand, no, I am not a crunchy-granola-treehugger 
[although I do love my crunchy granola, and trees].
And,  I do agree with you, both with the fact this guy is brilliant, and 
with the fact we are all dependant on non renewable energy. (This, btw, 
is something my son would want to try - and I believe he could do it, 
too.... lol, I tried to encourage creativity when they were growing up, 
but believe me, it got dangerous at times.... looking for the Smiley 
Face icon w/the singed hair... Now he's on his own, but last time I 
talked to him, he was making plans to construct a motorcycle - hopefully 
not a monster like this.)
We don't have to roast on recycled trees [mmm - sounds like PIZZA time] 
Although, it is good to re-use as much as we can - my mother passed on 
that Depression Era lesson to me...
Yes, our lives revolve around it. But other countries (Sweden, for 
instance) have decided to find better ways. We need to do the same.
That's what I meant by.. if only... we need this kind of brilliance to 
figure out ways to produce energy that will benefit this earth, not harm 
Thats all.
p.s. Actually, I have my roaster connected to a treadmill for power. 
Gotta make those [three- count 'em] dogs earn their keep around here.
Leo Zick wrote:

7) From: Leo Zick
no sore point at all.. i love learning of other's views!
ive recently moved from the city to a quiet suburb. almost country like imo.
maybe we can harness the power of the loud crickets for something!
Quoting Lynne :

8) From: Bob Brashear
Mike Chester wrote:
A local has been doing rocket powered vehicles for 50 years or so. 
Everything from a wheelchair to a toilet. All actually work. No one has 
died or been injured. Although, that may change. He's getting interested 
in hydrogen peroxide ...
I've found that propellant mixing and coffee roasting have some 
similarities. We need to be very nit-picky about what we do.
BTW, just got my Hot-Top roaster, Techni Vorm brewer, Solis Maestro 
grinder, voltage regulator, scale and twelve pounds of coffee. I'm gonna 
have a busy, fun weekend!
Bob Brashear

9) From: Brian Kamnetz
Sounds like a couple of good resources (the Rocket Beetle guy, and the
rocket powered local guy) for the proverbial Jet Engine/Concrete Truck
On 8/17/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

10) From: Brett Mason
How does a PID and variac fit into this roaster?
On 8/17/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:
Brett Mason

11) From: kofi
There's gotta be some way to adapt this as a bean cooler:http://www.asciimation.co.nz/beer/Maybe Ron Patrick could help...

12) From: george
I wonder what a yard of beans delivered would cost?

13) From: Brian Kamnetz
Good one, George! lol!
On 8/18/06, george  wrote:

14) From: Bob Brashear
Brian Kamnetz wrote:
Doing preliminary design work on the rocket motor. Let's see, where did 
I put that LOX tank ...?

15) From: Steven Sobel
I think that I saw it next to the bagels...
On 8/19/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

16) From: Bob Brashear
Steven Sobel wrote:
ooo. Rimshot!

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