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Topic: First Ethiopian Harar Horse-Green Strip (14 msgs / 178 lines)
1) From: Bob Brashear
After 12 hours rest at City plus (as recc by Tom) and WOW! This is going 
to be a GREAT Monday.

2) From: Eddie Dove
Brewed or espresso?
On 8/21/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

3) From: Bob Brashear
Eddie Dove wrote:
I didn't want to make any comments until other people tried it. Tom's 
writeup may have influenced me. But, everyone smelled and tasted a hint 
of fruitiness. A couple from the "MJB crowd" expressed surprise at how 
weak the brew looked. They usually produce sludge.
Everyone loved it. Looks like I nailed this one.

4) From: Eddie Dove
I roasted some Saturday and brewed it this morning.  At first, it was just
okay, but later, it was fleeting, but definitely the distinct taste of
On 8/21/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

5) From: Bob Brashear
Eddie Dove wrote:
Yup. It was there. Just a hint. I have some more waiting for tomorrow 

6) From: Aaron
I did up a batch of the green stripe myself.  Used the I roast 1   and 
let it set a day... after day one it was umm... spicy tasting.. like 
wow, this is odd spicy tasting... but not entirely a bad taste.   after 
about 3 days of rest all the subtle fruit flavors started coming out and 
man that is a good coffee... ....  id say to let it rest a week and 
taste it every day, the flavor changes daily it seems but in my opinion 
it just kept getting better.

7) From: Les
That has been my experience too.  My problem is I have way too big of
a stash rotation going on right now.  It will be another 6 weeks
before I get back to the Green Stripe!  My current plan is to reduce
the number of coffees in the stash and have more of the stuff I really
really really like.  The problem is I like it all, so that is why I am
going to the really, really, really, criteria.
On 8/21/06, Aaron  wrote:

8) From: Eddie Dove
Is that a veiled invitation to your inventory reduction gathering?
On 8/21/06, Les  wrote:

9) From: David T. Borton
I had never roasted a Harar before...very pleasantly surprised.  Some of 
the Yirga's and Sodomos are just too far out there and I wasn't sure 
what to expect with the Harar.
I took it to a C+ and made Turkish coffee yesterday morning.  
Wonderful.  Clean, clean coffee with distinct fruity taste (I can't 
distinguish ... my vocabulary isn't as honed as some of yours).
If it weren't 7:15pm, I would crank up the ibrik and make one now.

10) From: Aaron
David, have you tried the horse 30.... for some reason I have never been 
able to quite reproduce my first shot with it, super blueberry big time 
wow this is amazing ... it was.....  still all my subsequent roasts have 
been very good nonetheless...
if you dont have any PM me your address and Ill sluice some over to ya.

11) From: Bob Brashear
David T. Borton wrote:
I am still amazed about the blueberry flavor. You're right about this 
being a very clean cup of coffee. Harar was the very first coffee I ever 
roasted (with the aromaroast about 20 years ago). I certainly did NOT 
get this result back then.

12) From: David T. Borton
 >>>David, have you tried the horse 30.... if you dont have any PM me 
your address and Ill sluice some over to ya. . . . >>>
That's a very kind offer, thank you.  I have emailed you off line with 
my home address and I would like you to pick a single origin from my 
inventoried stash.  I attached it to the email.
Roast on,

13) From: raymanowen
Bob, I hope you have roasted enough to save for a pot on 31st August. If you
can save some that long, (In a baby food jar?) the GS Horse at 10 days will
blow you away.
It will be a HUGE Thursday.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On 8/21/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

14) From: Bob Brashear
raymanowen wrote:
Well, used it up and am roasting another pound for a friend. I have 10 
pounds on order. Some other people want some and SO DO I!
I'll keep a batch around for the ten day mark.

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