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1) From: Tom & Maria
Somebody had forwarded this to me, seems as though its a friend of a friend.
Owning a coffee farm/ranch in Honduras; What fun it would be....http://www.caribpro.com/nisco/Tom
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
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2) From: John - wandering Texas
	Why not form a colony!!  We could all move down and grow coffee, soak up
the sun, and attend the Rotary meetings :O)   My last home sat on 1.4 acres
and cost 3 times the amount of this plantation - why did I work all those
	Chat later - going to cry myself to sleep!
John - wondering
Somebody had forwarded this to me, seems as though its a friend of a friend.
Owning a coffee farm/ranch in Honduras; What fun it would be....http://www.caribpro.com/nisco/Tom
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
           Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria
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3) From: Ed Needham
Colony heck!  Alt.coffee could form no less than a cult!  I'm just wondering
how the heck we could get all those 220 volt espresso machines and roasters
to run on electricity produced by a stream based hydroelectric plant .
Ed Needham

4) From: Steve
Isn't there still a war going on down there?

5) From: John - wandering Texas
	There is a price to be paid for all that fresh coffee!!
John - still dreaming about that plantation

6) From: floyd burton
Good article in today's NYT about the incredible problems being caused by
the low coffee prices.  Check out the graph comparing the price of robusta
and arabica beans.  I have heard there is a big migration of people out of
the Chiapas region of Mexico also.
EVERYBODY-make that second pot-let's get consumption up.

7) From: John - wandering Texas
ummm, I'm pretty sure Floyd meant "make that forth" pot :O)

8) From: john tortuga
I have family in Honduras and visit there every year
or two.  There haven't been any wars there in years. 
Most of the wars have been in Nicaragua and El
Salvador.  Honduras is very peacful (excepting crime
in the cities).  I have been told, however, that the
area that plantation is in has suffered from lack of
rain for the past few years.
--- John  - wandering Texas  wrote:
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9) From: Henry C. Davis
Most of the NYT stuff is on their web version, if your are interested in
signing up for a no fee access membership and want to read articles they

10) From: Spencer W. Thomas
http://www.nytimes.com/2001/08/29/international/29NICA.htmlAs noted, you do need to "register" with the site.  Watch out for the "send
me email" or "don't send me email" checkboxes if you don't want spam.  Access
to the article is free for about a week after publication (so, until Sept 5,
i guess), after that they want money.
"Henry C. Davis" wrote:
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11) From: Seth Goodman
At 01:37 PM 8/29/01 -0400, Henry C. Davis wrote:
Indeed, I found the referenced article at:
Seth Goodman
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12) From: floyd burton
Have had access to the NYT web site for several years and no charge as of
yet.  If you live overseas-they charge for that service.  Guess it takes
more effort to provide electrons across the pond.

13) From: Henry C. Davis
I guess they changed it from the last time I looked or I was only looking
for older articles. Sorry for the confusion.

14) From: John Blumel
On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:13:46 -0500, floyd burton wrote:
How do they know where you live? Can you just give a fake address in
the US or are they more sophisticated -- e.g., checking router
addresses -- than that? If so, Maybe you could locate some sort of
publicly accessable HTTP proxy server -- assuming that there are some
of these, I don't know -- in the US and point your browser to it to
access the site.
John Blumel
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15) From: Henry C. Davis
On some lists I am on many of the members won't sign up for anything like
this so we just used to create a half dozen fake registered names and
passwords and everyone on the group used them whenever. I guess that is why
I did not know they allowed unregistered access to newly printed articles.

16) From: cthomas
For John Tortuga:
Are there any laws about non-citizen ownership of land in Honduras like
there are in Mexico?  I have several friends in California who lost a few
$$ when the Mexican Government decided to enforce those laws a few years
ago.  Unless you had a really good native friend who would "own" the land
on your behalf, you were out of luck.
Carl T.
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