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1) From: raymanowen
I have the dress rehearsal for that video on Sunday and Wednesday evenings,
followed by some new Desperation Blend* in a tasting session.
*I purposely vary the "Desperation Blend," because I've forgotten the rules
for blending.
I hate rules. Wing it-
Plug it in/ Push Go/ Make heat/ Roast coffee/ Stop when done.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On 8/21/06, Robert Yoder  wrote:

2) From: Carole Zatz
I did find it on Google Video. Searched on: coffee roasting.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6788836426229860887&q=coffee+roasting

3) From: Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary
I recall this video.  Interesting for anyone who can't conjure up an image
of what's meant by HG/DB roasting.  Yes, we are serious.  Yes, these are the
tools.  Yes, the coffee actually gets roasted.  A word of caution, though,
if you are just getting started.  Don't take the specifics you see too
seriously.  The guy roasting hasn't had a lot of experience (at the time the
video was shot) and I hope that he's altered his technique by now.  His
commentary is more or less accurate, but not entirely.  For example, he has
the tip of the HG practically touching the beans, and there are moments when
the HG is stationary.  I seem to recall his wearing safety glasses, but
maybe I imagined that as I began to doze (there's a kind of Andy Warhol
quality of watching not-much-happening).  And what's with those industrial
mitts?  IMO, not at all necessary.  OTOH, props to the guy.  Every little
bit helps, and I'm sure that the video has gotten lots of people figure,
"Hey, I can do that.".
On 8/22/06, Carole Zatz  wrote:
Heat + Beans
    all the rest is commentary

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 8/22/06, Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary
If I recall correctly, his first heat gun heat setting is 570 degrees,
and he says he is roasting something like 3/4 pound of greens, so he
probably has trouble bringing his bean mass up to temp.

5) From: Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary
Regarding distance, it's a matter of a couple of inches +/-.  My default
roast is to set the timer and think about a "target profile."  For smaller
roasts that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 minutes to first
c., though 3 oz is likely to want to be faster.  If it seems that you are
getting much earlier cracks, then add distance.  IMO, best consistent roasts
should reach at least 8-9+  minutes before 2nd, but that's a matter of
The learning curve isn't that steep and can be easier if you stick to the
same beans and batch size over several roasts in order to adjust.  One
strategy might be to get some advice on beans that folks say do
exceptionally well resting for a week or more and roast a bigger batch of
these.  Then you can also blend smaller roasts of (typically) brighter beans
that do well witth quicker roasts.
Baking has never been a problem with HG roasts for me - - - probably because
too quick (and uneven) a roast is more a risk than a stalled roast
(especially in the later stages).  With your 570/1000 settings, I'd just
keep it set on 1,000 and "adjust" the temp by moving the HG farther away.
Regarding the temps of roasts, I had good success finding just the right
digital probe-type that I could fasten near the tip of the stirring stick.
Worked well, but only in somewhat deeper batches.  Interesting for a while
just to prove I could do it, but it turned out to be data overload.  I had
enough sensory info coming in from the roast already, I wasn't inclined to
record temps and cupping notes for particular temps, and when there was a
disparity between the temp that I thought I wanted and what my senses told
me, I just ignored the temp and went with my hunch.
On 8/22/06, Robert Yoder  wrote:
Heat + Beans
    all the rest is commentary

6) From: Carole Zatz
To be honest, it was this video that convinced me that what I really
wanted was a hot-air roaster :)
First started with a FR8+ and after the two months it took for it to
pay for itself, I bought an iRoast2 which does the trick for me.

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