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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
They seem more about marketing and franchising than quality Kona per se.
Their target niche is marketing serving all Hawaiian coffees not just Kona.
Originally started in Hawaii now headquartered in Utah. http://www.badasscoffee.comI recall stopping in one while on Island, was not impressed. Bringing
"tourist trap crap" Hawaiian coffees to the Mainland!
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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2) From: Brett Mason
They don't know how to grind.
They don't know how to brew.
They don't know how to select.
They do know how to franchise coffee stores....
Named not for the slur but for the donkey that harvests its product,
The Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii is the franchiser of a chain of
more than 45 coffee shops in 10 US states and international locations.
In addition to selling coffee drinks, the company also sells gourmet
coffee beans. The coffee shops feature interior design reminiscent of
Hawaii and the tropics. Products also are available via the company's
Web site. Dennis Lovell founded the chain in 1989; company president
Mike Bilanzich acquired the company in 1995.
Perhaps we should not expect them to be connoisseurs in coffee.  Not
one of the MIRs for the business...
On 8/22/06, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
Brett Mason

3) From: Bob Szanto
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Hi Guys,
Last September my wife and I went to Oahu for a week's vacation and 
rented a beach cottage from the owners of the Bad A** store in 
Honolulu.  We were comped a 1# bag of their "Volcanic Roast" at the 
cottage that was fairly decent.  We went to the store in Honolulu and 
bought some beans to bring back for our own use and as gifts.  I'll have 
to admit that the Kona I got was less than remarkable.  The French Roast 
($4.70/#) I buy from a local roaster is incredibly better than their 
Kona @ $20/# or better.  miKe is right about the marketing and the 
tourist appeal....after reading their website I was prepared for some 
truly Bad A** coffee but was terribly disappointed.
miKe mcKoffee wrote:

4) From: jim gundlach
On Aug 22, 2006, at 11:05 AM, Brett Mason wrote:
But they do make a neat bumper sticker.
     Pecan Jim

5) From: Brett Mason
Yeah, but as they say, it's a comment on the donkey who carries their
beans for them....
I thought they used trucks!
On 8/22/06, jim gundlach  wrote:
Brett Mason

6) From: javafool
Yep, mike is right. When I tried to buy a couple of pounds of BadAss =
to bring home, I was told they could not sell it to me because it would =
confiscated at the airport. When I stopped at the Agriculture Department
when we entered the airport and asked about the other green coffee I had
purchased, they said it was no problem and indicated whoever I had =
talked to
certainly didn't know anything about coffee.

7) From: Dennis & Marjorie True
Well I emailed them asking about purchising some greens for home 
roasting I wanted to do a head to head with SM Kona I haven't heard back 
from them yet I will let everyone know if/when I hear anything.
javafool wrote:

8) From: George Birchard
miKe mcKoffee wrote:
Bad Ass went belly up in Kawaihae about 5 years back.

9) From: Brett Mason
In that case they ought to change their name to Big Belly....
On 8/22/06, George Birchard  wrote:
Brett Mason

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