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Topic: Sorry to bring up the ole Grind again:) (11 msgs / 151 lines)
1) From: Diablo
I'm going to start roasting batches for work.  I worked out a little deal.  The
only problem will be premeasuring and grinding for the work brewer.  I don't
mind a little work.  I'll get a kick from seeing all the smiley faces and
ensueing caffeine rushes:)
I was looking at a Ditting.  I wanted something I could use for quite some time
and not worry too much about longevity and the like.  I may have to grind up to
4-5 pounds at a time so that is why I was looking at something pretty much
commercial grade.  
Any input from the list is appreciated.  Was just wondering what you may
recomend or if there are inherent problems with a Ditting that I would
appreciate knowing.

2) From: Aaron
get a jolly,  the thing will grind limbs off if you are not careful and 
do it quickly too.
It's a great grinder and has the horsepower for the abuse one might 
throw its way.

3) From: Derek Bradford
If you're just looking for something cheap and industrial (read: Not
espresso), then you can always pick up the grocery store Bunns on eBay
for cheap.  I've seen them go for less than a hundred bucks quite
On 8/23/06, Diablo  wrote:
The Uglyroast 3! Coffee Roaster.  ...Now 85% less ugly!http://uglyroast.atspace.com

4) From: Diablo
Is Jolly the brand?  I'll look it up.
--- Aaron  wrote:

5) From: Diablo
Thanks, but I'm gonna need to get one this weekend so I think ebay won't work. 
--- Derek Bradford  wrote:

6) From: Rich Adams

7) From: Diablo
Thought I was missing something:)  The reply seemed a bit to imply something
taken for granted.  Still trying to do research on bigger grinders.  
--- Rich Adams  wrote:

8) From: rnkyle
The ditting is fine grinder but a bit pricy.
Bunn makes a nice commerical grinder that will not take you broke.http://snipurl.com/vcz6RK

9) From: Diablo
Thanks a bunch Kyle.  That was my inclination.  Thanks for the link.
--- rnkyle  wrote:

10) From: Derek Bradford
Oh sure...  thank him...  Just kidding.  Enjoy the grinder.  :)
On 8/24/06, Diablo  wrote:
unsvbscribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
The Uglyroast 3! Coffee Roaster.  ...Now 85% less ugly!http://uglyroast.atspace.com

11) From: Diablo
Sorry bro, I thought I did send out a thanks to all.  My bad.  Well, if I get
that grinder I might enjoy it:)  Still not cheap but I think it is worth it in
the long run of things.  Thanks to all again.
--- Derek Bradford  wrote:

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