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Topic: On Topic!! Popper Troubleshooting (11 msgs / 239 lines)
1) From: Bob Holland
I am sure my popper did not come from Auburn....Anyway, I just picked up a
nice WB-I from the thrift store for the tidy sum of $1.00.  While it heats
fine, the fan will not push around 80 grams of green. Any of you electronic
wizards out there have a fix or have I got a "parts machine"??
Dexter, Oregon

2) From: John Casey
I've had a lot of luck using a 26VDC transformer that I got from Radio 
Shack, along with a full-wave rectifier I got there, too...total cost 
for those was probably about $17 if I had to guess. Before, I think the 
popper fan was using about 12-13VDC, and wouldn't push much. Now, I can 
push about 140g without a problem, and usually roast 155g at a time 
using a stir-and-tilt method. :-)
It was pretty easy to wire up, once I separated the heating element 
circuit from the fan. All you really have to do is hook up the AC to the 
input of the transformer, then hook the two yellow wires on the output 
to the AC inputs on the rectifier (marked with a sine wave symbol on the 
plastic part)...and from there, you have two outputs of + and - DC, 
which can be hooked directly to the fan (after you remove the diode 
bridge soldered to the back, of course). Works like a champ.
I should also mention that I'm not using vintage parts, I'm using a 
popper that I bought from Target...so, all off-the-shelf parts here.
Bob Holland wrote:
John Casey
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3) From: Rich Adams

4) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
That's a very interesting answer, and a lot less expensive than a 
plug and play variac solution. (it always seemed comical to have $1 
poppers decked out with hundreds of dollars worth of voltage 
modification, temperature probes, PIDs etc! Then again, home roasters 
are an odd sort, eh?)
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5) From: raymanowen
"The Poppery 1 uses a 115VAC fan."
Indeed, it does. But the motor will run just fine on DC, and it's not
polarity- sensitive.
Just hook up an R.Shack 200v diode bridge as suggested above, and add a 50 =
100(+) Fd, 200vdc electrolytic capacitor across the output of the bridge=
and you'll be feeding the motor higher voltage and power. It will run
significantly faster without a boost transformer or variac.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
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6) From: Douglas H. Boutell
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
Oh yes and I love it. In fact without the creative juices flowing 
amongst the members we would probably be happy with Folgers
and the net result would be no need for Sweet Maria's. Oh!  what a 
horrible thought going back.

7) From: raymanowen
Actually, for Lo-V dc motors like the Poppery II, you have it even cheaper
and easier-
There are two Nichrome elements, the one connected to the motor is a series
dropping ballast and doesn't glow like the bigger one does.
To speed up the fan, just twist a short into a few of the individual coils
of the ballast element.
Short one or two, then try it out. Or you can splice taps into the ballast
element, bring them outside the device and short out various ones until the
motor is running the way you want.
Don't try to make a Diedrich out of a Poppery. The Weakest Link will
manifest itself fast. The Blue Fire Roaster!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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8) From: Greg C. Rose
While the replies to this thread discussed the electronic means of fixing
(boosting) the situation, there may be more to it.  A "stock" P1 should
have no problem pushing 80g of beans around.  I push 140g pretty well in
my nearly stock P1.  That leads me to believe that the fan in your old P1
may be on its last legs.  I'd tear the machine apart and inspect the
quality of the fan and motor.  Maybe just a good clean up can change it.  
Also, are you running on less that 115-120v, or using an extension cord? 
If your line voltage is lower, then everything is going to run slower,
leading to less beans moving.

9) From: Michael Wascher
Perhaps the brushes are worn?
Does anybody have a source of replacement brushes for a P1? Mine does OK
with to 120 grams of beans, but 140 grams needs help with tilting, shaking &
On 8/25/06, Greg C. Rose  wrote:
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10) From: John Casey
Here's some more information on the setup I'm running:http://www.ejlife.net/galleria/popcorn-popper-coffee-roaster/I'm sure it could use some more improvement, but I'm just dipping my ">http://www.ejlife.net/people/john/builing-frankenpopper-v1.htmland some photos:http://www.ejlife.net/galleria/popcorn-popper-coffee-roaster/I'm sure it could use some more improvement, but I'm just dipping my 
toes into the world of electronics!
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
John Casey
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11) From: Douglas Strait
Bob, here is an on topic answer ;-)
I would first check that the fan motor rotates freely. I have seen one 
of these as an ebay purchase that had the motor shaft frozen to the 
lower fan bearing.
Here is what to do. Remove the plastic bottom [4 screws] and then the 
bottom metal plate [3 screws] to expose the motor.
Grab the motor commutator and turn it. It should turn freely. If not, 
try a tiny drop of penetrating oil like liquid wrench or WD40. Work 
the communtator back and forth until free. The shaft can also be 
exercised axially through a distance of 1-2 mm since it has a spring 
loaded thrust bearing. Exercise in the axial direction too. Wipe away 
any excess oil.
Let us know if this is the problem/solution. BTW, I once picked up a 
Poppery I on Ebay that the seller said worked fine but the as received 
condition was that the shaft was too frozen for the motor to even turn 
under it's own power. If I hadn't killed the power fast the heater 
coil would have been history. This one I actually had to use a hammer 
and punch on the lower end of the shaft to free it up. Thereafter it 
worked fine.

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