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1) From: Douglas Strait
A big thanks to David Yeager and Bob Roseman for organizing today's 
Georgia Home Roaster get-together. Also to Bob, Libby, and Debbie for 
hosting the crowd. I didn't do a head count but it seems to have been 
around 20 or so. One highlight for me was for the first time seeing 
the much acclaimed RK drum in action, operated by no less that RK 
himself. I am now resting a generous sample of that batch as I type.
I haven't had an espresso based drink since a few in Mexico City in 
the Winter of 1980-81. It was a treat to have shots very ably pulled 
by Bob Roseman, David LaMont, and Scott Miller. David does some nice 
Latte art too.
While some of my friends call me cheap, I prefer the term "responsible 
with money". While I enjoyed watching the Masters at work pulling 
shots of Bob's machine, I was a bit painful for me to see so much good 
coffee poured in the sink. That aspect of espresso culture would be a 
big barrier for me. Fortunately I don't have the counter space so I 
won't be tempted by those shiny toys.

2) From: rnkyle
Doug it was a nice gathering and very nicely hosted by Bob and his wife, and 
his daughter spent many hours preparing a nice assortment of goodies for us 
to consume.
Thanks Bob.
I was impressed with your popper set up and nice roast it produced, good 
Bob's S-1 was busy and fared well under the load of shot after shot.
I really enjoyed the gathering was glad to be able to demostrate the RK 
drum, it was fun

3) From: jim gundlach
I'm sorry I was not able to go up to Atlanta for this gathering.  My  
wife returned home after spending two weeks taking daughter and  
granddaughter back to South Dakota and helping them get back into the  
swing of school.  I had two weeks of mess at the house to undo before  
she got back.
       Pecan Jim
On Aug 28, 2006, at 5:20 AM, rnkyle wrote:

4) From: Scott Miller
Yes, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Wonderful hosts & nice folks to meet. Lots of good coffee, food, and 
In addition to Ron's drum roaster (thanks Ron for the sample of your 
espresso blend!), there were other roasters brought by attendees. So 
lots of roasting and the chance to see how folks get their grrens to a 
drinkable state was available to see. I'm now wishing I had brought my 
SC/TO so we could have had one of those for folks to see.
I'm now seriously wanting a dual boiler espresso machine. I probably 
don't really NEED one, but that doesn't matter. That La Spaziale just 
kept on going & going.
I hope I'm in the ATL area when future events are planned.
Douglas Strait wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 8/28/06, jim gundlach  wrote:
I surely have got that T-shirt!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

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