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Topic: Smooth Colombian, Clean Costa (8 msgs / 120 lines)
1) From: Diablo
I know, it will probably bug some list members that I say this.  But so far
these coffee's bore me.  They are GREAT, don't get me wrong.  The best as they
say.  I find myself looking for some kind of stand out character, and there
simply isn't one.  There is chracter, I pick up floral notes with the Costa. 
The Colombian has a touch of fruit going on, perhaps carmel as well.  Again
though in both cases there were only hints and subtle touches of character. 
Excuse the term bold, but I guess I like a bit more of a bold character in a
cup.  Am I Yirg and Sidamo spoiled?  
Have only roasted a few batches of each.  So far I have mixed in some darker
roast, still not french- just start of a roll at second, Sumatra for a bit of
bottom end chocolate to both the Colombian and Costa.  Has a great finish as
I only have Sidamo for my African representation.  Yirg will more than likely
be my next buy.  What other African coffee would you describe as having great

2) From: Bob Brashear
Diablo wrote:
Ethiopian Harar Horse - Green stripe.
No ifs, ands or buts.

3) From: Tom Ogren
And!...Kenya Gethumbwini Peaberry!
On 8/28/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

4) From: Bob Brashear
Tom Ogren wrote:
Well, ok that too!

5) From: Diablo
Those sound great Tom and Bob.  What I read on the Harrar sounds good as
Appreciate it. 
--- Tom Ogren  wrote:

6) From: Ed Needham
Geeze,  How about Harrar, Kenya, Tanzania Peaberry, then change continents 
to the Papua New Guinea, the Yemenis, and finish with a good Java Djampit. 
If you're still bored, then maybe coffee's not your thing...
Ed Needham®
"to absurdity and beyond!"
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7) From: Diablo
Gotcha Ed, thanks.  Will take me a while to hit all those on the list:)
--- Ed Needham  wrote:

8) From: Tara Kollas
I roasted up a Columbian the other week - my husband, who's now been
drinking home roast exclusively for about a year now - said that it was
nice, but not very interesting.  He loves the Harar I roast.  It's my
favorite, by far.  Can't specify a year - I had the Horse from last year and
have some Lot 30 left, which I love, too.  The Green Stripe is nice, too,
since Lot 30 is long gone.  He also liked the Indonesian flores, which had a
nice caramel/butterscotch flavor to it.
On 8/29/06, Diablo  wrote:

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