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Topic: Life span of Original Poppery or 1400W Wear-ever Pumper? (6 msgs / 119 lines)
1) From: Douglas Strait
These are the two poppers that have the heavy cast roast chambers and 
the 120VAC motors. Someone asked me a question similar to the subject 
line at the Georgia Homeroasters Get-together this past weekend. I 
didn't know the answer because I've never heard of one wearing out. I 
know that I have a 1400W Wear-ever that has roasted several hundred 
pounds and is still going strong. Yes, I know that they break if 
dropped; the ceramic support for the heater coil seems to be the most 
fragile part. I am sure that others have been damaged by ill conceived 
or poorly executed modifications, but has anyone actually worn out 
either of these two models simply through use, modified or not? If so, 
what are the particulars? I have heard plenty of reports of later or 
current models giving out but none about either of these two.
BTW, OT, the 1400W Wear-ever is the only hot air popper I've seen that 
was actually made in the USA. Even the Original Poppery was made in 
Hong Kong.

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
I've never worn one out.  I always keep a couple of extras, with the
expectation that the fan motor will go sooner or later (and to build
the occasional roaster for a friend).  Like you my Poppery has roasted
several hundred pounds and the motor sounds like it did on day one,
and I push it with 138 Volts a substantial percentage of the time.
I've repaired a few, but it has always ended up being the thermostat
or nichrome element (no PID, turn the fan to dead slow with the heater
still on ???).  Easy fixes.  I've seen a couple with the motor so
gunked up with melted butter that you wouldn't recognize it - after
cleaning and re-lubricating they just keep on running.  When they say
'built like a tank'....I'm sure that your average tank requires more
Mike (just plain)

3) From: europachris
 I've been roasting with a PI now for about 5 years.  I got it used
(WELL used) from my in-laws, who used it many many years for popcorn.
It's still going strong after a LOT of coffee (100 lbs. at least).
All I do is remove the bottom, blow it out with air, and lube the
bearings about every 6 months.
Eventually, either the heater will burn out or the brushes will wear
out.  I'd estimate the brushes should last 300 hours or so.  In any
case, they are VERY durable.  I have at least 4 PI's and 3 1400W
Pumpers as backup, but haven't needed them yet.

4) From: Scott Marquardt
Like you, my pumper's pumped out a lot of beans.
Heck, the brushes are replacable.
If the question comes up again, just say "3000 pounds or 12 years," and see
if anyone fails to nod credulously.    ;-)
- Scott
On 8/29/06, Douglas Strait  wrote:

5) From: Bill Morgan
One of my (2) P1's has just started making a little fan noise during
cooldown.  What's a good lubricant to use?
On 8/30/06, europachris  wrote:

6) From: Michael Dhabolt
If you are not going to take the motor apart, something like 3 in 1 or
any decent 20 to 30 weight oil has worked well for me.  I move the
shaft back and forth a bit to make sure the oil gets in between the
thrust washers etc.
When I take the motor completely apart, I don't remove the pressed on
fan hub or that motor end casting completely, I use a fairly light
teflon based grease.
Mike (just plain)

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