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1) From: Bob Brashear
I am gaining converts.
I am currently roasting about 11 pounds of coffee (seven varieties) for 
a friend and his office up in Fargo. He knows about my mania and enjoys 
the occasional roasted coffee I bring when we launch rockets up that 
way. Told him about the toys I bought and he's spreading the word.
I have "orders" for several more pounds of various varieties in the 
neighborhood. A neighbors' relative that lives in Alabama says he will 
continue to order from me.
My CPA and his office want coffee.
Even the guy down the street that goes for his hazlenut drek wants my 
Except for the Fargo group, all the others have actually tasted what I 
And all of these people are willing to pay money!

2) From: Les
Good job Bob!
On 8/31/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

3) From: David B. Westebbe
What sort of a markup are you charging?

4) From: Bob Brashear
David B. Westebbe wrote:
About double what I paid for the beans. No one is squawking and I'm 
coming in lower than the coffee shops. Did a clandestine survey a week ago.

5) From: Dennis & Marjorie True
I am already taking orders for 1/4 pound at $3.50 on the ship once we 
are out to sea and the sailors are clamoring for it already....
seemed like a fair price all things considered....
Bob Brashear wrote:

6) From: David B. Westebbe
What sort of roaster do you have? Can you roast several pounds at once?  
Do you make enough for it to be an enjoyable second income?

7) From: Bob Brashear
David B. Westebbe wrote:
Hot Top. 1/2 pound at a time. It's good enough for a sample roaster. I 
would have to upgrade to something that would do max of 5 pounds for 
what I have planned. I do not see myself going into business until 
several things happen.
1. I get real good at roasting.
2. I come up with a real business plan and really scope out the market. 
I plan to go high end.
3. Research, research and more research.
I am encouraged that people are willing to try different coffees. The 
dark roast/charbucks crowd of friends can be won over. I would really 
like to set up something like the neighborhood roastery.
My supplier has done a very good job getting me beans and information 
(Did I say thanks Tom?).
I have always dreamed of opening a coffee establishment. I want to do it 

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