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1) From: Scjgb3
Does anyone use a infrared thermometer to know the  temperature of the bean 
itself instead of the temp. inside the roasting  chamber?

2) From: raymanowen
Unless someone currently consigned to Hell is working hard, he wouldn't be
hotter than Hell, would he? Go figure.
The surface temperature of a bean is a pretty close to the air stream
temperature, that envelops the entire bean surface.
Read the airstream temperature which is a good approximation of the
temperature of everything in the airstream.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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3) From: David Morgenlender
I just ordered a digital thermometer with thermocouple from SM.  Any =
hints on
using it on my FreshRoast +8?  Just snake the theremocouple wire deep =
into the
roasting chamber?
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Dave Morgenlender
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4) From: rnkyle
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I used a IR gun to get and idea how it corralated with the thermometer =
in my grill. strangly enought they were really close. I stopped the drum =
a opened the door and stuck the gun real close to the beans so minimize =
the span of the IR beam. I have not used it lately as I know where my =
roast are by smell, time and sound, after roasting for awhile you get a =
sense as to where the roast is with sound and smell of the beans.

5) From: raymanowen
I'm glad it's not necessary to use an IR gun on my RK drum! -ro

6) From: Ken Mary
An IR thermometer, to be of any value in roast control, has to be part of a
system. You need a stand to mount the unit so that it will read only the
beans, and a ventilation fan to keep hot air away from the unit to maintain
it at room temp. I do not use or need one in my drum roasts. I no longer
roast in poppers, but I did use IR as above.

7) From: Ken Mary
You should have added, "Under ideal conditions in a steady state
At startup in a popper, the air and bean temps could differ by as much as
500F. During normal heatup, I have seen differences (IR vs t/c) of about
100F, during cooldown as much as 200F, during the critical between crack
phase, 25 to 50F. Putting a t/c in a popper and correlating air to bean temp
is an exercise in futility.

8) From: Scjgb3
i realize that at the start up there is going to be a huge  difference 
between the two. i also have roasted enough to go by sound,  color, smell etc.  just 
trying to get more precise. specifically when i  take the beans out of the 
roaster before cooling. 

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