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Topic: Summer Espresso Jam Report (11 msgs / 242 lines)
1) From: Les
Many thanks to Mike and Debi for hosting the end of the summer
espresso jam.  I had a wonderful time.  The evening ended with Mike
pulling wonderful Panama Gesha Americanos for all after a yummy dinner
of smoked Q'd chicken thighs, wonderful beef cabobs, awesome salad and
rice topped off with Alchemist John's 2 pounds of chocolate tort!
There were a total of 9 espresso machines present ranging from a
humble All-Clad to a mighty Cimbali commercial machine.  I think
Mike's Bic and Alchemist's Gaggia lever got the bulk of the workout
however.  The espresso blends that Mike McKoffee and Plain Mike
presented were very good

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
Had a wonderful time at Mike and Debi's.  Great coffee, great food,
great company, can't ask for anything more.
Mike (just plain)

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
I could, a maid to come in today for thorough clean-up! :-) 
Seriously though, Debi and I immensely enjoyed hosting another fun day of
focused espresso play and feasting.
Another great shot blend was Alchemist's triple Ethiopian Blend of Ghimbi,
Sidamo & Horse IIRC. Superb for ristrettos, both Lever pulled and Bric'
rotary leverette compared quite well. Only tried pulling a few shots on
Alchemist's Gaggia Factory Lever, enough to convince me not to get a low end
vibe pump machine for travel like I've been considering but rather me thinks
a nice compact lever machine for travel will be forth coming before too
long... Far superior shots than low end vibed Gaggia can pull IMO (or Silvia
for that matter). Those 5 days at the coast last week for the kite festival
reminded me how just "ok" press pot is compared to a well pulled Americano
cup of coffee! No, those newer faux espresso gadgets like Aeropress 'aint
for me either.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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4) From: an iconoclast
On 9/3/06, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
MiKe and Debi were superb hosts!  Dan and I had a great time. We
really enjoyed conversing with everyone and seeing how small the world
really is. Who knew Boring, Oregon was such a popular place! The food
and drink were awesome.  I can't believe I even had a choice of
several non-alcoholic beers!  And I'm still craving Alchemist John's
chocolate torte with coffee ice cream. Mmmmmmm!
We started to leave around 9-9:30pm, but out Jeep wouldn't start, so
had to call the tow truck. Only had a 4 second wait on the line for
AAA. The driver was a great kid.  Didn't get home until almost 1am.
Luckily, my daughter was on her way home from the hospital where she
works and was able to pick us up at our auto repair place and drive us
Funny thing, I was still wide awake at 2am.  Could it have been the 40
oz of caffeine from our KMB in the am, then 3 caffeinated espresso
shots, 1 decaf espresso shot, a caffeinated cappo and 2 americanos at
MiKe and Debi's?  I think so!  Wow, I'm just not used to that much
caffeine.  Thanks to John, MiKe and Mike (just plain) for keeping my
and Dan's cup full. I can't say that I'm an espresso convert....yet.
But, if and when I do take the plunge, I'll be be sure to have decaf
on hand.
And thanks Bruce and Lucy for the invite to see a drum in action. We
will take you up on it soon...once we have an auto that isn't in the
Take care,

5) From: Barbara Leazier
How did the "humble" All-Clad do?  I purchase one of these at TJ Max for $5=
.00 and I have never used it!
Just curious...
Thanks - Barb
: +Summer Espresso Jam Report> Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 10:16:28 -0700> > Many=
 thanks to Mike and Debi for hosting the end of the summer> espresso jam.  =
I had a wonderful time.  The evening ended with Mike> pulling wonderful Pan=
ama Gesha Americanos for all after a yummy dinner> of smoked Q'd chicken th=
ighs, wonderful beef cabobs, awesome salad and> rice topped off with Alchem=
ist John's 2 pounds of chocolate tort!> There were a total of 9 espresso ma=
chines present ranging from a> humble All-Clad to a mighty Cimbali commerci=
al machine.  I think> Mike's Bic and Alchemist's Gaggia lever got the bulk =
of the workout> however.  The espresso blends that Mike McKoffee and Plain =
Mike> presented were very good> > Les>=> homeroast mailing list>http://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/l=istinfo/homeroast> To change your personal list settings (digest options, v=
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6) From: Les
I brought the All-Clad and didn't fire it up at the Espresso Jam.  The
key is a nice even grind and getting things as hot as you can.  I can
and do pull a pretty good shot.  It isn't a LM or a Bric or a Gaggia,
but it does make a very drinkable shot if you pre-flush about 3 times
to heat the metal up.  There are people that modify them to try to get
more performance from them, but in the end, they usually end up
breaking them.  For their intended use, they make a pretty good shot.
If you have never done espresso, this isn't the machine to learn on in
my opinion.
On 9/3/06, Barbara Leazier  wrote:

7) From: Paul Sack
On Sep 3, 2006, at 9:38 PM, Les wrote:
Agreed. (And on-the-subject, boy do I wish I lived in the PNW!)
My All-Clad pulled drinkable shots before I modified it. Afterwards, it 
pulled one quite good shot, but the pins holding the levers kept coming 
out, and it did not feel safe to operate.
People keep pondering why the manufacturer left those air pockets--I am 
pretty sure they discovered that the mechanism would have to be a lot 
beefier to safely operate at 9 bar, so they left in those air pockets 
so that the pressure doesn't rise that high.

8) From: Brian Kamnetz
I bought a Presso but discovered that it is missing that the part
where the coffee goes. It sounds like you don't use the Presso
anymore; if you still have your Presso, would be be willing to sell me
that part?
On 9/4/06, Paul Sack  wrote:

9) From: Paul Sack
Hi Brian,
I sold mine at cost. A big mistake. A few weeks later I got an old 
lever machine (w/o portafilter). I think the Presso basket would've 
worked for it.
You could try ordering a La Pavoni Europiccola basket. They come in at 
least 49 mm and 51 mm. Maybe one more size as well. I don't recall what 
size the Presso baskets are.
On Sep 4, 2006, at 11:31 AM, Brian Kamnetz wrote:

10) From:
Luce and I sure had fun!  It was really nice to have faces with names we =
see on the mailing list.  A HUGE thanks to miKe and Debi for putting on =
their second gathering this summer.  Great coffee, great food, cool =
assortment of espresso hardware, outstanding company.  I'm ever so much =
closer to acquisition of a REAL espresso machine now.  The Bric is =
glorious, but we really don't have a place to put it.  The Gaggia lever =
could work ...

11) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks, Paul.
On 9/4/06, Paul Sack  wrote:

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