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1) From: Maureen Azcoitia
Has anyone tried this...http://www.amazon.com/Timolino-Aromatic-Coffee-Tea-Maker/dp/B0002FDGRC/sr=8-1/qid57985788/ref=sr_1_1/002-9897972-3082405?ieF8&s=kitchenThe coffee comes out of the bottom of the unit.  Any comments?

2) From: Lynne
Never have - but I'm also interested. If you do try it, let us know how it
I wonder if it is another version of the press pot?
On 9/11/06 10:44 AM, "Maureen Azcoitia"  wrote:

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
No not like a French Press, it's seems more like a pour over, though
designed to look like a French Press. "Coffee or tea can be dispensed when
the brewer is placed on top of a cup." Main difference to usual pour overs
appears to be that you can shut off the flow somehow. "Amazing shut-off
system instantly stops the flow of liquid - no drips, no mess." Doesn't say
the specific composition of their filter for the "Patented Gravity Filtering
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4) From: Lynne
Meant to say French Press, but you knew what I meant. Haven't had enough of
my coffee - (and daughter made this mornings brew - WAY too weak for me...)
Looks interesting, tho.
On 9/11/06 11:03 AM, "miKe mcKoffee"  wrote:

5) From: Steven Van Dyke
Sounds like the one I use for work / travel, although it looks somewhat
different.  Does a pretty good job, somewhat similar to a press pot in style
but easier to fiddle with.  I grind at my desk, dump into the unit and then
go to coffee maker for hot water.  I give it a minute to bloom, a quick
stir, then wait about 3 minutes for the brew to finish.  Set it over my cup
and the coffee drains on down in.  Clean up is pretty quick and easy.
Steve :->

6) From: Scott Miller
I picked one up a while back. It's cheaply made, but does an adequate 
job as a travel brewer. The knob that sits on top of the chamber broke 
off, but the device is still usable. The filter is a fine mesh metal of 
some type and there's never any mud in the cup.
As with all brew gadgets and really fresh roasted beans, you need to 
take into account the bloom when water hits the grinds. It's been a 
while since I've used mine but I recall that I settled on 16 grams of 
ground coffee & 14 ounces of water for my brewing ratio. Water at ~200 
F, 3.45 brew time.
If you already have a SG 1 cup and are happy with it, this is one you 
can pass on, IMO.
Lynne wrote:

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