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Topic: Finally, Coffee you can Eat with a Spoon (5 msgs / 150 lines)
1) From: Jon Rosen
if you really want to... Quote follows:
Espresso is meant to be sipped. Espesso, however, requires a spoon.
Spanish uber-chef Ferran Adria, considered the world's most  
innovative chef, has come up with coffee you can eat, and it's making  
its American debut today in Chicago.
Espesso -- a play on the Italian word "spesso," meaning thick -- is  
essentially "taking coffee and solidifying it," said Joerg  
Oberschmied, vice president of operations for Lavazza, the 111-year- 
old Italian coffee company that is offering Adria's coffee creation.
Lavazza's three Chicago stores -- the company's only U.S. locations  
-- will be pouring or, rather, spraying espessos starting today. A  
serving costs $2.49.
Espesso consists of espresso and an ingredient the company won't  
divulge, combined in a pressurized canister and left to set for 12  
hours. The result is a mousselike, cold solid sprayed right out of  
the canister.
"When you first extract it, you can literally hold the cup upside  
down and it won't move," Oberschmied said.
Customers can order a basic espesso, or one of two souped-up versions  
-- espesso cappuccino or espesso macchiatto, in which the solidified  
espresso and solidified milk are served side by side in the same cup.  
Because of the preparation, each store will have a limited amount of  
espesso each day.

2) From: Leo Zick
I went to two of the lavazza locations when I was last in chicago.  They
have a nice italian café feel, even though the 'stand at the counter' =
was a bit small.  Their coffee was decent, what you would expect from
lavazza, which is a bit boring to me, especially when there is an
intelligentsia less than a block away from one of them. (lol)
PS- this has nothing to do with sprayed spessos

3) From: Wesley Simon
Lavazza was the last "brand name" coffee that I purchased on a regular basi=
prior to switching to home roast.  I won't say that it's fantastic or
anything like that now that I know what I know about home roasting, but I
will say that they do what they do pretty well.
On 9/12/06, Leo Zick  wrote:

4) From: Woody DeCasere
sounds interesting, i would try it just for the novelty, since i can be a
novelty kind of guy.
On 9/12/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:
"All saints have a past. All sinners have a future."
...and this summer, only one man can stop them.
Doesn't this one sound like it belongs on a movie poster?

5) From: miKe mcKoffee
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	Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 4:08 PM
be a novelty kind of guy.
Oh sure I'd try it for the novelty too, and it might have some uses as an
easily applied accent with some dishes, but it sounds like the "Cheese Whiz"
of Espresso. I highly doubt it'll compare in the least to the aroma, taste,
mouthfeel and linger of a properly pulled shot after Guinessing to 50%+
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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