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Topic: buying small fp or aeropress (11 msgs / 324 lines)
1) From: Claus Thøgersen
Since all the talk about the aeropress I have thought about adding it to my 
collection of brewers. '
Currently I have a Bodum Santos and a small one cup french press. The frensh 
press is nice for when I only want one cup of coffee, but the cleaning and 
also the flavour produced by the fP does not really please me. I find that 
the FP compared to the Santos reveals more flavours for certain beans, but 
that the Santos produces coffee with more body than the FP. Obviously the FP 
is nice for a change but not my first choice.
A few days ago the glass part of the FP broke so now I can either go out and 
buy a new FP or try the aeropress, they will probably cost more or less the 
I know that the aeropress will not produce anything like espresso, and when 
I want that or americano I can use my espresso machine for that  anyway. But 
any comments on the choice between fp and ae would be welcomed.
Claus Thøgersen

2) From: Tom Ulmer
Hello Claus,
In my opinion the AeroPress produces a quick cup of pleasant coffee. =
is conversation about diluting the pressed cup with hot water which I =
was conjured up by a tea drinker.  The paper filters, while making the
contraption very easily cleaned, leave the resulting cup "too clean" for =
tastes in comparison to a cup produced by a press pot.
I really think the two are mutually exclusive of the resulting brew and =
collection of brewers should include the Aero and French.

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
FWIW if the FP is a Bodum they sell replacement carafes.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htmUltimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I =
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal =
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone =

4) From: rnkyle
Claus you can buy replacement glass for the Bodum at SMhttp://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.brewers.frenchpress.shtmlI like the Areo but it produces a smother cup and not as rustic as the 
french press, but this may be more to your liking.

5) From: Blake D. Ratliff
I agree with this reply by Tom as I have both a Bodum French press and the 
Aeropress and use both of them alot.  I tend to use my Aeropress during the 
workweek because brewing and cleaning is much quicker.  The Aeropress also 
produces a less acidic cup which is better for me as the staple drink.  I 
also use the Aeropress when I make lattes which turn out very good.  However 
for weekends and other special occasions I use the French Press as it is my 
favorite cup.  The first time I brewed French press I found it much more 
revealing of the bean vs. drip and I have been hooked ever since.
Regards,  Blake

6) From: Scott Marquardt
I use the Aero exclusively, except when brewing for many people. Bizarrely,
I brew either for myself or about 30 people -- nothing in between.
In both cases I use 5 micron polyester felt -- in an oversized pourover for
many, in an Aero using the inverted technique for myself.
I'm in agreement with other comments in this thread about the Aero; a paper
filtered Aero is very clean. Polyester gives you the full joy of FP flavor
but without any fines, and as long as you use it inverted you'll get more
coffee oil than you'll know what to do with (seriously).
I'm able to sell polyester rounds for the Aeropress to people who are
willing to slightly file their cap's bayonet tabs. I don't want to get
commercial in the list, though, so look for news of that elsewhere. I don't
anticipate a huge market, because few people are discriminating enough to
want FP flavor without fines; most FP users I've known tolerate fines.
- Scott
On 9/13/06, Claus Thøgersen  wrote:

7) From: Scjgb3
i really enjoy my aeropress, imo, makes a great  cup of coffee. I followed 
Tom's directions off of the sm site, a couple of cups  later had it dialed in. 
but before that i was using a swissgold one cupper. i  still like to use it and 
would recommend it to anybody to try, a little more  messy than the 
aeropress, but still makes a good cup of coffee.
     i have noticed that there is a lot more coffee oil  on top of the coffee 
using the S.G. than the aeropress. so i guess it comes down  to what a person 

8) From: Demian Ebert
I use both but have not put a lot of time into the aeropress. FP is the
standard both at home during the week and at work. I've broken two or
three FP carafe's but easily found replacements. I thought the AP would be
easier for travel than my #2 filter and cone. I road tested it a couple of
weeks ago. It's faster for sure and not as picky about water temperature,
but I overfilled the AP one morning and then slipped a bit with the plunger.
It spurted coffee and grounds across my shirt. If I hadn't been off to do
field work, I'd have had to change clothes. Clean-up is easy with the AP,
but not that much harder with a cone. The AP is easier than FP.
They each have their good points and they make different tasting coffee. So
once again we're back to the "whatever you prefer" answer.

9) From: Scott Marquardt
In a hotel last week, I was a bit paranoid using the inverted method with
polyester. The Aeropress is not very stable when inverted and only an inch
of the plunger inserted. It doesn't take much effort to foist a disaster!
I survived the trip with good coffee and only one or two nervous tics.
- Scott
On 9/13/06, Demian Ebert  wrote:

10) From: John Crippen
I just got my AP, and don't remember all the previous posts about it.
What's the inverted method?  Where did you get the polyester filter?
Thanks for the refresh,
John Crippen
On 9/13/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

11) From: Scott Marquardt
Want a polyester sample? E-mail me a mailing address.
Read up on it here:http://scott.marquardt.googlepages.com/invertedaeropressingforbettercoffeeI just got set up for punching out rounds of material I obtained from
Midwest Filter, here in Illinois. I obtained a quantity so I could supply
the handful of Aeropressers who have met with good success using the
material. You can get similar material from other sources.
- Scott
On 9/14/06, John Crippen  wrote:

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