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1) From: Leo Zick
My mouth :/
Each bean at each temp tastes quite different, and the only temp ive
measured is in the cup, which tends to be around 195F on average.
Consistency sucks for an hx.

2) From: Barry Luterman
OH OH you are about to hear from Mike McCoffee

3) From: Leo Zick
Ya, its expected I guess.  Suppose my approach is sometimes a bit too
holistic. Plus, with only 1 or sometimes 2 shots at a time, its hard to
'practice' consistency, esp with things like the weather changing throughout
the day.

4) From: Clifton
After much research and looking at what I actually use my Giotto for I
notice rarely make milk based drinks I am almost exclusively an espresso =
Americano person. Quick Mill has a model called the Alexia (used to be =
Eliane) that may fit me better than my present HX machine. (ECM Giotto
Premium) It is a 750 ml single boiler tied directly to an E61 group. =
be fairly straight forward to PID. For me, I think this may be another =
worth considering. It does not have the steaming capability of my =
but I rarely use that capability anyway. I think this model is similar =
the Isomac Zaffiro / Amica. 
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida 
with Rocky the Cardi and Garfield the Tabby
Odie PWC at the Bridge 01/18/2006http://www.freewebs.com/aesk/inmemoriam.htm

5) From: Leo Zick
the new alexia looks nice, but if you have a giotto P (i do too), id  
keep it. i think its an amazing machine. granted i havent used any  
others, but based on looks and results, im happy :)
either way, with chris coffee, you know youre getting a quality  
product, but why not just spend a bit extra and get the andreja? at  
least you have the option to plumb. (my one complaint about the  
giotto, the drip tray, and im hesitant to cut a hole in it to add a  
drain line)
Quoting Clifton :

6) From: Greg Scace
My thinking on these machines is that you should check carefully to 
see what type of thermostat is used.  E-61 ain't gonna matter a bit 
if the machine uses snap-action thermoswitches for 
control.  Temperature will vary a lot more than a pressurestat 
equipped hx machine until you PID the thing.
At 07:44 AM 9/14/2006, you wrote:

7) From: Clifton
Basically the reason I was looking at the Alexia vs. the Andreja is it =
single boiler and I can put a PID on it where the Andreja is an HX =
like my Giotto and has a bit more involved temperature management.
Especially when I get up at 4:30 to start my routine before I go to =
work. As
far as other HX machines go I haven't seen anything out there that would
make me want to trade in the Giotto. Bigger drip tray? I'm a clean freak =
dump it after every brew session anyway. So its size it normally OK for =
but I would like it bigger when I am doing the cleaning session as it =
up very fast when back-flushing with the cleaner! Quieter would be nice.
That vibe pump in the Giotto can sure wake up the critters! Scares the =
and makes the dog come check things out! 
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida 
with Rocky the Cardi and Garfield the Tabby
Odie PWC at the Bridge 01/18/2006http://www.freewebs.com/aesk/inmemoriam.htm

8) From: rnkyle
I went on step up from the Alexia, and bought the Anita, it is basicly the 
Andjera on the inside, I like it and it makes excellent espresso and is 
straight forward single boiler HX E-61 group. For the money its a really 
nice machine. I also do straight espress and americanos. with and occasional 
milk based drink, and do very few parties so for me it fits. I did get the 
pressurestat up grade for only 29 dollars at time of purchase a no brainer.

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